Wednesday, August 6, 2014

8 Months

Wow so much has changed this month! One Saturday night we had one of the worst nights ever. Kinley was up almost every hour it seemed. I told Matt the next morning she is going to be crawling soon because there is so much going on in her brain she can't sleep. What do you know two days later I get a video of Kinley crawling. I wanted to cry I missed the first crawl. She is on the move and is faster than ever. She started crawling about 7 1/2 months. Shortly after she started pulling herself up on everything so down went the crib. It is pretty hard to get her in it sometimes. I feel like I am setting her on the ground. She has adjusted well to sleeping on the ground :)

There isn't a dr appointment normally for 8 months but since she was sick we were there. She weighed in at 16lbs 3oz! I was very happy! She gained over a pound in a month and we have officially doubled her birth weight. She is 27 inches long. We are still in size 2 diapers and all 6 month clothes. Yay! Monthly pictures are getting more and more difficult.

We have had quite the month. Kinley got sick for the first time with an ear infection. It was awful. She was so sad it broke my heart. On day 10 of Amoxicillin she broke out in the worst hives ever. Allergic to amoxicillin. Poor girl! She was covered in them! Benadryl helped tremendously though we had to give it to her for a few days. 11 days later she woke up with 103.8 fever. I was a little scared! Or should I say freaking out quite a bit. I gave her some Tylenol and called the dr. The dr told me to see if the Tylenol helps and call back around lunch time. I have been thinking she has been teething for a while now, still toothless, but that was WAY too high of a fever for a teething baby. My fear was it was her ears again. We watched her temperature and though it went down a little it was still too high for my comfort. Back to the dr we went. Her ears looked great but she had strep. How does a 8 month old get strep? Uggg I was so sad for her! She was so miserable again. I couldn't help but feel like a terrible mom because my baby was sick again. She was on Zithromax for 5 days and seemed to do much better after the second day. I can only hope the sicknesses stay away for awhile now. There is nothing harder than watching your baby be in pain and so upset. It was heartbreaking and I felt so helpless.

So smiley at the dr. You would never know she had an ear infection. 

After we got home I think she started to feel really bad. Lots of snuggles!

Sleep: She is still in her crib at night and since she has become very mobile we decided it was time to move to the crib for naps. It wasn't as difficult of a transition as I had thought. I think she really likes her crib. Though she continues to cuddle up in the corner I think she sleeps better. She still wakes at the 30 minute mark and I have to rock her back to sleep but then she is usually good until she wakes up to eat. She gets up once to eat and has been doing better at going right back to sleep at night. I am very thankful for that! She has been getting up really early some mornings, 430-500. It kills me! I usually bring her in our bed, cuddle her and see if I can get her back to sleep. Naps are still hit or miss! There have been many times she has slept 1-1.5 hours. I know it's possible!! I can't figure out what is different on the days she sleeps 30-45 minutes compared to days she sleeps 1-1.5 hours. We do the same thing every nap. Who knows! If you know please share :)

Eating: She is a really good eater. I am so happy we did BLW. She has done so well with it and it is so much easier to give her what we are having for dinner. There are some days we do more than just dinner with her but we are only consistent with dinner. She loves chicken, broccoli and cucumbers. She continues to get only breast milk and is becoming less and less interested in nursing. Sad sad!! I am still pumping 4 times a day and right now pumping enough or more than what she is eating in a day. It will be soon that I will be breaking into my stash in the freezer. Right now I think the amount of breast milk and food she gets are a good combination for her.

Play: Play time is so much fun with her! She doesn't sit in one place for too long but will still stand at her music table for many minutes dancing away. Two seconds later she will be at the dog dish. We definitely have to keep an eye on her! The animals have done really well with her being on the move. They don't seem too phased. She continues to love her music table and Lamaze toys but the best toys is everything that is not a toy. It all goes in her hands for her to examine then right in the mouth. She went on the swing for the first time this month and loved it! She thought it was the greatest thing ever. She went to her first Little Gym class and had a blast. She went peach picking for the first time and LOVED eating them later.

We also got her a big girl car seat this month. We will eventually buy two but for now it is in my car and she is seeming to enjoy the extra space. She continues to do new things every day and perfects the skills she's learned. It is truly been amazing watching her grow.

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