Saturday, May 30, 2015

6 Months

Wow has she changed in a month!! She has accomplished so many new skills it is amazing! We had her 6 month check up a week ago and she was 14lbs 5oz and 26 inches. She is definitely on the tiny end of the curve but she is growing well and the dr is happy with it. I have to admit I was very nervous going into this appointment. She had been dropping on the growth chart in percentile so I was anxious to see where she was this time. She did drop slightly this time, though nothing major. She is still gaining weight and moving up the growth chart at her rate. The dr isn't the least bit concerned and thinks she is growing well. I was one happy mama! I really was scared she was going to say we needed to add in formula and I am just not ready to do that yet. Let me say, there is nothing wrong with formula fed babies, I am just not wanting to give her formula unless it was an absolute necessity. I work very hard to maintain a good supply and pump often so she has enough milk to grow! I am very proud to say she we have been breastfeeding for 6 months! I am not sure when the end will be but it hasn't been an easy road. There are days when I still have pain! But it is all worth it! I love looking at her knowing I provided her nutrients! It is a great feeling!

Her facial expressions crack me up! Lets get into her update!

Sleep: We have had a lot of changes with sleeping this past month! The biggest and most exciting news ever is she has learned she can sleep comfortably on her tummy and sleep through the night! Last month I was calling BS on the 5 hours thing but now she is sleeping 7:00pm - 6:00 am, only getting up once to eat. And she is going right back to sleep after she eats. It has been absolutely amazing! She is also starting to take longer naps. They seem to be averaging an hour to an hour and a half. (After I typed this we are back to 30 min naps. Hopefully she'll consolidate soon!!) This is leaps and bounds from where she was last month. She is still in our room but in in the pack and play since she is on her tummy now. I really want to move her to her room but I am so nervous now that she is a tummy sleeper! Of course we are no longer swaddling her, though she is in a sleep sack and she seems to like that. She is still taking 3 or 4 naps a day. I am just in so much shock that we all are finally getting some quality sleep after 6 months! WOO HOO!!

Eating: We got the ok from the dr to go ahead with BLW. We had already introduced some foods to her but nothing drastic. Her favorites so far are broccoli and cucumber. By the way cucumbers make the BEST teething toy! I am not ok with having her eat while we eat just yet. I want to be able to watch her closely until she is able to chew and swallow food a little better. We are still doing the oatmeal, mostly bc it gives her extra breast milk. We have added cinnamon to it which she seems to enjoy. She does really well with all the food she has had. So far we have done banana, watermelon, cucumber, hummus, carrot, broccoli, chicken, ground turkey, pasta, sweet potatoes, pear and cantaloupe. She seems to be enjoying eating the food on her own. Oh I almost forgot she has also had homemade pizza she took out of my hand the other night. 

Play: She has started to actually play with her toys so much more! She loves sitting up so we place lots of toys in front of her and she could play for hours. It has been fun watching her concentrate so hard to pick her toys up and study them, trying to figure out what they are. She likes to switch them back and forth between hands. She has recently figured out how to jump in her jumperoo which is exciting! She enjoys going for walks in her stroller, though it is getting hotter so that might not happen as much. She hasn't shown much interest in starting to crawl but we have witnessed her almost getting up on her hands and knees. It is unbelievable how much she changes month to month. She is so much fun to interact with each day! She went strawberry picking for the first time and experienced the sand! Of course it went right into her mouth! She also sat in a shopping cart for the first time! 

She has been so much fun and has added so much joy to our lives! I am very excited to watch her grow and learn new things as the days pass, but geez it is flying by! I don't get how she is already half a year old! EEKKKK! 

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  1. I wish mine was that small! At our 6m check he was 23lbs. A back breaker for sure! Breastfed babies are exactly the size they are meant to be; big or small. :)

    1. Haha!!! She's definitely a little pip squeak. She's 19 months and I'd guess 24lbs right now. And you are most definitely right about the size of breastfed babies, they are exactly what they are meant to be 😉