Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Weekend Fun

The weekends just go so fast. Especially this weekend! I had two days off but they weren't together since we were out of town last weekend so I had to make up some time. And I worked my entire 10 shift on Memorial Day. That is ok though! Sacrifices have to be made when you are saving for a house! I didn't get a chance to take too many pictures until Sunday.

Friday we had a good family day and I enjoyed some time in the sun with my friend, Krystal. It was beautiful out and I think it is safe to say summer is here! I have to get my tan on since I am in two weddings in less than a month. We took Kinley to the park and just hung out and did some grilling. Kinley loved the corn but wouldn't hold it herself. Matt and I enjoyed some time after she went to bed watching Taken 3. I wasn't really impressed to be honest. They could've stopped at 2.

Saturday 5:15am came fast! I am not a fan of getting up that early but it is nice to be off work early and be home in time for dinner and be able to put my baby girl to bed. Work was slow but went by fast thankfully. Matt took Kinley to the grocery store and of course she got to eat all the cookies she wanted. The joys of being a daddy's girl.

Sunday we had such a great day! We all got up and Matt made breakfast then shortly after Kinley took a morning nap and Matt and I cleaned a little. Then we all headed to pick strawberries. Last year when we went Kinley was snuggled in the ergo. This year....completely different! She was ready to go!

We got there and decided it was too sunny for her to not have a hat on so no cute Memorial Day headband for her. She had such a blast. She actually got in and was picking strawberries and putting them in the bucket. Thank goodness we brought a spray bottle to clean the strawberries because I knew she would be eating them. We didn't want a tantrum in the middle of the strawberry patch. Go us for being on top of things! Home we went so the little bug could take a nap. While she napped I laid out for a few while Matt went to the store and brought me back Starbucks!

Then we headed to Matt's parents to BBQ and catch up. It has been a while since we have seen them with us being out of town and my new work schedule being a little hectic. Kinley needed a new outfit because she was covered in strawberries. We had a great time and lots of yummy food! When we got home Kinley wanted to go back outside. She seriously loves being outside. As soon as she finishes breakfast we are out in the morning. I love all the fresh air she is getting but her poor skin is so bumpy due to all the sunscreen we have to keep on her. She has such sensitive skin.

After we put her in bed we enjoyed some quality time watching SVU and making a delicious strawberry dessert with our fresh strawberries. If anyone has any good strawberry recipes send them my way! We have lots of strawberries to eat.

Monday was back to work for Matt and I. When you have jobs that are open 24/7 there are no holidays for us. That is ok though, the money is good.

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! Bring on summer! We can't wait to go to the beach!

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