Sunday, February 28, 2016

3 Tips For Remaining Positive through Difficult Times

Sometimes it is hard to be positive when you keep getting crappy news. There have been a few things that have really put Matt and I in the dumps lately. The most recent being his schedule is going to change AGAIN. Just when we thought we had things figured out for when I go back to work a wrench is thrown into our plans.

I have never really blogged about being a police officer's wife but it is really draining at times. And now that he is a detective he is on call basically 24/7. I will be honest there are not many times he gets calls at 2AM but they do happen and that isn't even the worst part. I think the dedication they have to have and the ability to adapt to the 8000 changes is the draining part. But he loves what he does and we have many more years of it so we make it work.

I have felt that lately with all the disappointing news we have gotten has really made me appreciate how lucky we are. We truly have a lot to be thankful for and we very much are thankful for what we have. We are truly blessed.  I want to share some ways that being thankful during difficult times is still possible.

1. Lean on Each Other:

Matt doesn't get down about too many things. He is usually able to see the positive and move through the difficult news we have gotten. Well this last time he was really bummed with receiving news that we owe on our taxes. It just isn't good timing, but really is owing money ever good timing. This time I was able to really believe things would be ok and work out financially. With us looking at losing some income due to maternity leave it is definitely a stressor to owe more money at this time. I was able to be the positive one in this situation and tell Matt things will be ok and we will make it work one way or another. It is really important to attempt to maintain a positive outlook even when things are not looking so positive. Being there for one another really helps during trying times. It has been helpful to have some some wonderful friends that listen to me as well.

2. Be Thankful for What you Have:

Let's be honest we know this one isn't always easy. Especially when all you see on social media is everyone's perfect lives and things feel like they are crumbling before your eyes. We know everyone has difficulties and deal with their own struggles in their own ways. Matt and I are extremely thankful for what we have and know things could always be worse and there will probably be worse times at some point. Being able to look at the positive things we have in life really helps during these difficult times. I know deep down we will get through whatever is thrown at us. Just remembering what we have is very helpful to us.

3. Believing That you are Not Handed More Than You Can Handle:

I am a firm believer of this one. There have been several times that I have thought if one more bad thing happens I am going to lose it. Though in the back of my head I know God will not give us more than we can handle so we keep trucking along. We are not extremely religious people but we do believe in this.

We will get through these difficult times together! Then something else will happen and we will need to remember this again. Life is not easy but remaining positive and hopeful as well as having each other really helps!

Stay positive! Things could always be worse!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Pregnancy Update #2: Weeks 29-31

Are we really down to single digit weeks? Kinley was a week early so in reality we could only have 8 weeks left. I am not holding my breath on that and am going to attempt to be as patient as possible when we get towards the end because I do know that 40 weeks is ideal. Remind me that when I am 36 weeks and hoping the next month flies by :)

We have officially decided on a name and have begun hanging things in the nursery. Finally! Here is what baby boy has been up to the last few weeks.
  • Baby Brooks is weighing in at about 3 pounds and measuring 18 inches long. He will pack on another 3- 5 pounds before he is born though, so lots of growing still. 
  • He is now perceiving signals from all 5 senses
  • His muscles and lungs are continuing to mature and his head is growing bigger. I can definitely feel his stronger kicks as he gets stronger. 
What is going on with me the past few weeks: Kinley wanted in on the weekly bump picture.

How far along: 31 weeks 3 days. I did a comparison shot last time with Kinley and I just love them. Hello no tan! We had a great 31 week appointment and everything is on track. I am measuring 31 weeks and my weight gain is great.

Total Weight Gain: As of my appointment yesterday I am up 16 pounds. I should be gaining about a pound a week at this point, which I am on track for that! 

Best Moments of the Past few Weeks: Of course the Bronco's winning the Super Bowl. Kinley was all about the Broncos. It is so cute; she scrolls through my pictures and makes sure to point out the Bronco shirt we are all wearing. Starting on the nursery has also been exciting. I feel we have so much to do still but then really think about it and we would really be ok if he came. 

Miss Anything: I think I have to say sleep again. It has been getting worse as I progress more. I guess that is how it goes though. My hips continue to really hurt at night so there is a lot of tossing and turning. Kinley was up coughing the other night, ALL night so none of us slept. 

Gender: It is still a BOY! I confirmed we will have another ultrasound at 37 weeks to look at his size. If I am being honest about that ultrasound I am not thrilled they are doing another one. Ultrasounds can be off and I don't want them trying to get me to schedule a c section. I am not going to stress about it though, because it would mean nothing more than we get to see our baby boy! 

Symptoms:  I don't really have any new symptoms. Overall I feel pretty decent still. What a change from being pregnant with Kinley. Like I said my hips hurt and the insomnia sucks but I am trucking along. 

Mood: Still pretty happy! I do tend to have a little less patience with Matt at times. He was trying to explain something to me about the taxes and I was going crazy because he wasn't hearing what I was saying. I was getting super frustrated. 

Looking Forward to: My shower! It is only 2 weeks away! I probably won't do another update until after the shower. Then the following weekend we are going to Great Wolf Lodge for a night. I am really excited about that too! We wanted to do something special with Kinley before he arrives and all of our worlds are rocked. We also have maternity pictures coming up too! I need to find outfits for everyone!

I have really been soaking up this time I have left with Kinley! We have had some great days! She has been more clingy to me lately and I am ok with that! I actually am really loving it! She usually isn't all about mommy so it is a nice change! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! It is suppose to be a beautiful one here! 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentine's Day

Matt and I decided not to go too crazy with Valentine's Day gifts this year. We didn't want to be spending money just because it was Valentine's Day. We decided to not get each other gifts and just have a great family day with a yummy meal. Though we did get some great gifts for Kinley.

Well Matt decided he could not not buy anything so he did buy me a box of mixed caramels. He is so silly. On Saturday I worked all day so him and Kinley hung out. At one point I asked what they were doing and he said "Making a present." I really could've killed him. We decided on no presents. So I sure felt like a jerk.

I walked in the door and Kinley comes running telling me, "we made a cake." It was the cutest! She was jumping up and down talking about her making a cake. I turn the corner and Matt was standing there with a smirk, like yes that is what we did. They are so dang cute! They made me heart shaped cake with homemade chocolate chip icing. Kinley was so proud of the cake she made with daddy. It was really tasty too!!

We wanted to get some good steaks for our Valentine's dinner so we went to the Fresh Market across town. We picked up two new york strips, a few potatoes and some asparagus, all for $22! We both would so much rather stay in and cook then go out to eat. It is way cheaper and I can guarantee our meal will be pretty close to perfect. I get so frustrated when we go out to eat and things are not correct or you get crappy service. Going out to eat is so expensive, it needs to be an enjoyable experience. So that is why we eat in. Plus we get to be with Kinley too!

We also did some crafting for the baby's room! I am so exited to finally have something hanging on the wall! Kinley helped with painting the letters for his name as well. She loves so much to help do things for her brother. I love watching her be so proud of her accomplishments.

I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day weekend! Ours was perfect! I love spending quality time with my family.

Monday, February 8, 2016

5 Things No One Tells You About Motherhood

As we are getting closer to adding the second baby into our chaos I think about some things I wish someone would have mentioned at the beginning. Motherhood is an amazing blessing but boy is it tough! Nothing can fully prepare you but here are some helpful thing to keep in mind and remember you are not going crazy! Motherhood is one hell of a roller coaster. Hang on tight. It is all worth it! I promise.

1. You will cry. A lot! You cry when you see those first two lines on the pregnancy test. You will cry at doctor's appointments or driving to them when a random song comes on the radio. You will cry when your spouse eats the last bite of ice cream you have been craving all day. You will cry when your baby is born, while looking at the miracle you created. You will cry they are growing to fast or that you haven't slept in 3 days or crying because you can't stop crying. Then you are crying because your bathroom wall looks like a wig. The hair loss is unreal. It happens it is normal! Though let me say if the tears and ongoing sadness does last longer than a few weeks postpartum, definitely talk with your doctor. Postpartum depression is real folks! Do what is best for you and your children.

2. You will love your children like you never thought you could love before, it is terrifying. I never ever thought I would be able to love a tiny little human so much. I worry about being able to love another tiny human as much as Kinley. People keep telling me my heart will grow and I am holding on to that. You love them so much it hurts. You want nothing bad to happen to them. You worry about everything when it comes to them. No one can prepare you for the love you will feel and at the end of the day it makes everything all worth it. Even the sleepless nights.

3. You will miss some of the times that were the hardest. There were many nights it was so hard to get up 16 times to breastfeed her or the midnight screams. Let me tell you though, I miss some of those moments now. It was so memorable looking at her so innocent and amazing, knowing she just needed something only I could give her. I look back and think wow how I miss that look in her eyes. They are only little once and you never get that time back with them. Enjoy the snuggles at 2am because some day soon they won't want anything to deal with us and we will miss it asking for the snuggles back.

4. You can function on no sleep and you will. See number 2. It is all worth it. All the coffee and wine in the world can't help you after some of those nights. But you survive and guess what you are able to do it again the next night. I wonder how I survived some nights we had with Kinley. But we did and I managed to work full time and keep my marriage together. Don't get me wrong we almost killed each other a few of those nights but at the end of the day we knew we were in it together and we would not have survived it without each other.

5. And after all of that you will be willing to do it all over again. As we are getting closer and closer to meeting this baby boy all of these run through my head on a daily basis. I always knew I wanted Kinley to have a sibling and share some sibling experiences I have been able to make with my siblings. Matt on the other hand was adamant we were one and done. Though after much discussion we both knew that nothing could replace the joy in our hearts she has given to us. We know that deep down this little boy will do the same. Children are an amazing blessing and make you question everything in your life, but at the end of the day I wouldn't trade it for the world. I can't imagine my life without Kinley and I am sure very soon I will feel the same way about this little boy growing in me.

Lean on your supports, let people help when they offer. It truly takes a village to raise children and I am so thankful to have some of the best supports out there. Now go snuggle your little ones!