Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentine's Day

Matt and I decided not to go too crazy with Valentine's Day gifts this year. We didn't want to be spending money just because it was Valentine's Day. We decided to not get each other gifts and just have a great family day with a yummy meal. Though we did get some great gifts for Kinley.

Well Matt decided he could not not buy anything so he did buy me a box of mixed caramels. He is so silly. On Saturday I worked all day so him and Kinley hung out. At one point I asked what they were doing and he said "Making a present." I really could've killed him. We decided on no presents. So I sure felt like a jerk.

I walked in the door and Kinley comes running telling me, "we made a cake." It was the cutest! She was jumping up and down talking about her making a cake. I turn the corner and Matt was standing there with a smirk, like yes that is what we did. They are so dang cute! They made me heart shaped cake with homemade chocolate chip icing. Kinley was so proud of the cake she made with daddy. It was really tasty too!!

We wanted to get some good steaks for our Valentine's dinner so we went to the Fresh Market across town. We picked up two new york strips, a few potatoes and some asparagus, all for $22! We both would so much rather stay in and cook then go out to eat. It is way cheaper and I can guarantee our meal will be pretty close to perfect. I get so frustrated when we go out to eat and things are not correct or you get crappy service. Going out to eat is so expensive, it needs to be an enjoyable experience. So that is why we eat in. Plus we get to be with Kinley too!

We also did some crafting for the baby's room! I am so exited to finally have something hanging on the wall! Kinley helped with painting the letters for his name as well. She loves so much to help do things for her brother. I love watching her be so proud of her accomplishments.

I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day weekend! Ours was perfect! I love spending quality time with my family.

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  1. I'd say it was a great Valentine's Day, even though you went cheap! <3