Friday, May 2, 2014

5 Months

I know I say this every month, but where has it gone! Our little girl is growing so fast. She has mastered so many new skills this month! It has been tough all around but amazing to watch her grow and learn new skills each day. Good old leap 4 was very hard!

Sleep: We are SLOWLY making progress with her sleep getting better. From what I've been told sleeping through the night for a baby is more than 5 hours. If that is true she sleeps through the night, but I am calling BS on 5 hours. Who only sleeps 5 hours! That is really crazy to me. But anyways, she is usually in bed and asleep by 7-715pm. We start our bedtime routine between 6-630 depending on if she napped and for how long. We are still dealing with the 45 minute intruder, but she is getting easier to get back to sleep, usually just give her bink back and she falls right asleep again. Naps are still up in the air and sometimes she naps for 2 hours, most days are 30 minutes. I do believe we will get there with naps too. We tried to unswaddle this past month and it was a fail after a few nights. Kinley sleeps so much better swaddled. She is still sleeping in the rock and play next to our bed, with hopes to transition to the crib soon. Again I thought she would be in her crib by now but with the reflux and her flopping around like a fish it has been a complete fail. We will get there! When she is ready! So overall sleep has gotten better this past month but still not great. She is getting up 1-2 times a night, most nights once which is wonderful! Some nights she thinks it is party time from 2-5am which is very difficult. Poor girl is just not a good sleeper...but hey we are making progress and that is all that matters :)

Eating: We started oatmeal this month which has been so fun! She loves it! From the first bite this girl has been a fan. She reminds me of a baby bird..too cute! She is still getting breast milk and I'm not totally sure how many ounces she is eating in a 24 hour period. I am sure it is on the lower end. She is getting more consistent with eating about 4-5oz in a sitting but again has times she only eats 2-3oz. She is not a good morning eater at all. I am still pumping two times at work and 1-2 times at home. I really am unsure how long I will continue pumping and or breast feeding, just taking it one day at at time. After we see the dr for her 6 month appointment we are going to start more solids and venture into the adventures of BLW. I am so excited to start this with her! If her loving the oatmeal is any indication of how solids are going to go it is going to be awesome!

Play: The exersaucer wasn't doing the trick for her. The Easter bunny brought her a jumperoo that she loves! She hasn't quite figured out how to jump in it but she loves the music and playing with the toys. She really discovered her feet this month and next to Sophie they are the best chew toy. She has started rolling this month as well. She does much better at going from back to tummy but has gone from tummy to back a few times. She just isn't a fan of tummy time. We try though! She continues to love Sophie. She is so happy for walks in the ergo. 

Visits with her auntie and cousin
Playing peak-a-boo
Sucking on her toes

There's not much she dislikes besides nap time

She is one happy 5 month old! I love this girl to the moon and back! She changes every day and it has been such and adventure to watch her everyday!

4 and 5 month must haves coming!

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