Thursday, May 1, 2014

4 Months

Here we are at 4 months already. I think we all have adjusted to me being back at work and are trying to get on a schedule. Matt is home with her during the day and on leave so he gets to be with us at night. That is nice! And I am loving the extra help and having my husband home at night.

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We are going to the dr later today so I will add in her stats when we get back. She is getting her 4 month shots :(. It just breaks my heart. I cried last time and I am sure I will again. I hate seeing her in pain. She got a slight fever last time and was cranky but other than that she did great. Hoping for the same this time!

Sleep: She still isn't the best sleep and we have definitely been hit with the 4 month sleep regression this past month. Holy moly it is killing us! It makes it super difficult to be up all night and then have to function at work and not bite people's heads off! I think I am doing pretty well! We are still dealing with the 45 minute intruder every time she goes down. I have done endless research and we have tried so many different things nothing seems to work. I keep telling myself we will get there and some day she will sleep better. She started going to bed earlier this past month, between 7 and 8, usually closer to 7. But then the 45 minute intruder hits and we are at 8:00 working on bedtime again. I feel so bad for her she just can't seem to settle down. After settling she sleeps until about 1 then feds and goes back down. Then sleeps until about 5 or 6 and feeds again. I try to push it closer to 6 or 630 because she seems to be ready to get up for the day. Well at least she thinks she's ready and doesn't go back to sleep. We are still really trying hard to figure out a nap schedule during the day. The only thing that is consistent is she goes down for a nap about an hour after she gets up. She usually only sleeps 45-60 minutes. Then throughout the rest of the day naps are sporadic and we just go with her cues. We haven't gotten to her crib yet because she has been sleeping so poorly, though we have been talking about getting her in the crib and trying a wedge. Maybe it is just what she needs. I will keep you all posted on when we try the crib. Hopefully soon.

Eating: Oh my has she been all over the place with eating. During the day she usually takes 5 oz at a time and eats twice while I am gone. I still nurse her before I go to work and when I get home or before bedtime. She goes about 4 hours in between feeds. She has days where she only eats 2-3 oz at a time also. I have been struggling with her nursing well lately. She wants to latch and unlatch so many times while nursing. She has become so curious with what else is going on she forgets she is eating. I have been contemplating going exclusively to the bottle and just pumping because I feel she gets more from a bottle. Again something I have been thinking about, though not sure I am ready to give up nursing her. I love that time with her so much and bottle feeding her won't be the same!

I am still pumping two times during the day at work. It has gotten easier and doesn't feel so much as an inconvenience or as I am being rushed. It has become part of my day and I am happy when I get to pump. It gives me a chance to look at pictures of my little munchkin.

Play: She has really started to play with lots of her toys and enjoy them. We took out the exersaucer earlier this month for something new. She is still a little unsure about it, but seems to enjoy being upright and looking around at everything. She has started laughing more consistently and it is the cutest thing ever!! It really makes my day when I come home and we play and she starts laughing! I sure do love her! The weather has gotten nicer so we have been able to get outside more. She loves to be in her stroller just enjoying the fresh air. Sophie has become a favorite toy this month. She also loves her toy keys. Of course everything she can get her hands on goes in her mouth.

I love how serious she is. 

Walks in the stroller or the carrier so she can see everything
Petti the Peacock
Enjoying tummy time more (not loving it yet)
Talking with Mommy and Daddy

Getting into her pjs after bath

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