Thursday, April 24, 2014

BLW or Purées - Thankful Thursday

Hope everyone is having a great week! I'm just trying to make it through! My sister and nephew come Saturday and I couldn't be more excited! I miss them so much! And who couldn't use a few days off of work! Woo hoo! Come on Saturday afternoon! We know they are excited to hang out with this pretty girl!

So I need opinions and thoughts on doing BLW (baby led weaning) or purées! We recently started oatmeal to help with the reflux but I'd like to add in some more things soon. BLW just seems like the way to go! I am a little scared of choking. Any mamas out there done BLW? Please share you experience! Any helpful websites or books anyone recommends?  This girl loves her oatmeal! Makes me excited to start more solids!

Please share any experiences or thoughts! 

Linking up with Annette for Thankful Thursdays. Happy Thursday! 

1. Thankful my sister and nephew are coming on Saturday! I am in much need of some sister time!
2. Thankful I have a supportive and loving husband even though he makes me want to scream sometimes. 
3. Thankful for the time we've spent with Matt's grandparents and Kinley's great grandparents this past week. 


  1. Did you end up with BLW? We just started last week with avocado.

    1. We did do BLW! We loved it! Stay on the lookout for a BLW post!