Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July Weekend and Some News....

Wow was it nice to have a 3 day weekend! It was packed full of fun with family and friends. Thursday night I watched The Gabby Douglas Story. I have been wanting to watch it for a while now and Annette reminded me when I read her blog last week. I have a special place in my heart for gymnastics. I was a gymnast for 15 years and my littlest sister was a gymnast as well. As long as it has been since I did gymnastics I still miss it when I watch it. Gabby Douglas is from Virginia Beach where I live so it was fun to see her journey. What a great inspirational story. Check it out if you love gymnastics or just want a good message. Thanks Annette for the reminder! 

Friday started with a cup of coffee and many smiles from my baby girl! It is such a wonderful feeling to wake up to a happy baby that loves me unconditionally. We woke up to "hurricane" weather. Thankfully it wasn't too bad, just some wind and rain that came and went pretty fast! It turned out to be a beautiful day. We went to the in laws for a BBQ. We enjoyed some family time and they got to have lots of play time with Kinley. I think everyone was happy! 

Saturday Kinley didn't wake up until 4:00am to feed which always means she's going to sleep later than 530am. And she did, we all slept until 7:30am. It was AMAZING!! We went out on a family run then ran a bunch of errands before Kinley's first My Little Gym class. They do a free intro class so we  decided to try it out. We all had a lot of fun! Saturday we had some friends over and had a BBQ at our house. It always makes life easier when we are able to do things at our house because then we can get Kinley in bed on time and in her bed. It was nice to catch up with friends! 

How does Sunday always come so fast! Sunday morning started very early! Kinley decided to get up at 515am and did not want to go back to sleep. At least she is so happy in the mornings!

We went out to the farmers market then had some fun time in the sun! We were going to go to a friend's pool but it just got too late in the afternoon so we hung out in the kiddi pool in the back yard. Sun is sun right! 

Well that was our fun filled weekend in a nut shell.

So now for the news....

I have given LOTS and LOTS of thought to continuing with blogging and right now I have decided that I am going to take a break and blog here and there. I do not have much time to write up posts since Matt and I work opposite schedules and when we are both home I want to spend time with him or Kinley. So for right now I am not going to be blogging much at all. I will try to do some posts here and there and updates on her and life when I get a chance. Until then you can follow me on Instagram for lots of fun pictures! 

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