Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Why We are Mocc Crazy and a Giveaway

If you know me you know I love moccs from Freshly Picked. They were Kinley's first shoes and she still wears them today! They are actually her choice of shoe when I tell her to go get her shoes on. Zander owned 2 pairs before he was even born and continues to own multiple pairs of Freshly Picked moccs. They really are the best!

It was very important to me to find a shoe that could grow with Zander and a shoe that was comfortable for him to start walking in. He can wear them indoors and outdoors with no issues. They are soft soled that form to his feet, making learning to walk easier for him. They are not clunky or heavy like hard sole shoes making tripping and falling easier. You know when they are first learning to walk there are many tumbles and falls so having a soft sole shoe is very beneficial for children learning to walk.

If you have not seen the selection Freshly Picked offers go check it out. They come in so many designs, colors, and textures. So many options! I am warning you though good luck picking out just one pair! There is a mocc to go with every outfit and they are always adding new designs. Even though Zander is not walking yet, I like for him to have shoes on when we go places, especially since it has been colder. I love the moccs for summer as well because he can wear them without socks and his feet won't get too hot. They are the cutest shoes ever! Who said mamas can't match their boys! I love this color!

The moccs are super functional and easy to get on and off. They have fit both my kids feet really well, with or without socks. Zander loved to chew on his toes when he was smaller and would frequently get his feet up in his mouth but was not able to pull his moccs off which was great! They stay on and do not come super easy!

It is no secret I love shopping small business. One of the top things that draws me to small shops is the customer service they offer. Freshly picked does not disappoint with customer service. They are prompt with answering emails as well as their social media accounts. I once ordered the wrong size moccs and had no issues exchanging them. It made life much easier on me!

I asked my husband what he loved about Freshly Picked moccs and he said ummm, they are just awesome. So there you have it. Simply awesome!

If you do not own a pair of Freshly Picked moccs I highly suggest getting your little one a pair or two! They last forever and I promise you will not be disappointed, though it is not my fault if you become addicted :) Though if you are still unsure enter the giveaway on my IG page for a chance to win a pair! Leave a blog comment for an extra entry and tell me which pair you would choose if you won!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

First Birthday Invites

It took me a long time to decide on what to do for Zander's first birthday. I love planning the kids birthday parties, but finding the theme is always tricky for me. When I came across decorations for Brown Bear Brown Bear I knew that was our theme. I was so excited!

Finding the perfect invite is my favorite part. It is the first impression of the party and I want something that when I look back at I will love as much as the first time I saw it, so I'll be honest I am picky.  I also love saving birthday invites in the baby book to look back on and eventually give to the kids. We have used Tiny Prints in the past for Christmas cards and Kinley's birthday invites so I knew I wanted to use them again. I have never been disappointed with the quality of their products, shipping or customer service. They are always exceptional. They also have so many choices to choose from so you really can't go wrong. They did not have a Brown Bear Brown Bear themed invite but they did have a create your own design option. Perfect!! I found the perfect design on Etsy and uploaded it to Tiny Prints. It was so easy.

Did you know they have personalized stamps as well?!! I thought that was the coolest thing! You have to go all out for first birthdays right? Again, so many options to choose from. I knew I wanted something simple but classy. I loved the simplicity of the blue "1" with a little message on the side.

I had our return address printed on the back of the envelopes which saved me tons of time. I highly suggest it! You can also choose to load the shipping to addresses on their site and have them printed and then mailed to you. All I would have to do was stuff them and get them in the mailbox. I chose to address them myself because I ran out of time to upload the addresses onto the site but I think this is a great option to remember for upcoming cards I order. Then they will be saved in all one place.

Tiny Prints is always offering deals on their websites. Currently you can get 20% off birthday invitations with code MARINVITE20 or 25% off birth announcements with code MARBA25 for all my pregnant mamas out there! I promise you will not be disappointment with the quality of whatever you order from them!

Thank you Tiny Prints for Zander's birthday invites and stamps. I love them so much and can't wait to order our next cards!