Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Zander - 12 Months

It has taken me a little while to write this post. I can't believe this is the last monthly post. You are officially a year old! I said it went fast with Kinley but it really went fast with you. When you have 2 kiddos things are so busy and the days fly by. You had a wonderful birthday party and an amazing photo shoot. We went out of town as a family for your birthday and had a great time, it was much needed family time.

Stats: You are 20lbs10oz and 30" long. You have definitely had a growth spurt and are growing like a weed. Your head is on the smaller side but it is long like mine so the doctor is not worried at all. You are meeting all milestones with no concerns. You are in size 3 diapers and wearing 12 month and some 18 month clothes.

Sleep: What a drastic change this month. We did sleep train you last month and it has made a world of difference. You can read more about that here, but if anyone is struggling with sleep and you think your kiddo is ready to be sleep trained give it a try, if it doesn't work try at another time. You usually go down about 7:15 and get up anywhere from 5-7am. If you get up before 6:30 I try to get you back to sleep because you are not ready to get up. Some days you will go back down, others are more difficult. Most nights I am still amazed you sleep through the night! We have added essential oils into our lives and I am loving the benefits you all are getting from them. Truly amazing! You are still napping 2 times a day. You usually go down around 930 and then again 1-2. They range anywhere from 45 mins - 2 hours.

Eat: Last month we had a really hard time with nursing. You are doing better this month but you like to hurry and don't last long unless we are in a quiet room, though the second you hear Kinley you basically jump out of my lap. You eat sooo much solid food I really don't know where you put it. I still nurse you on demand when I am not working, and when you wake up and before bed when I work. Since this post is going up so late and you are really 12.5 months now I am happy to say you have been bottle free for over a week. You drink you milk out of your cup, the 360 cup. It was the second cup we tried and you love it. You try to drink out of my cup daily but still haven't figured out the straw.

Play: You love playing with your sister. You love all the toys in her room, especially the play kitchen. You are a huge fan of putting things in things, like the toilet, so we have to make sure the bathroom doors are closed! You have loved reading books more this past month and I think it helps it is part of our nightly routine. It is so cute, you actually sit and listen. You still love swinging and have gotten more active at the park. You are walking all over the place and very steady on your feet. This started about a week after your first birthday. I thought it would take you a little longer but you will be running soon! You love playing chase with Kinley and just laugh your head off at her. I love watching the interaction between you two. Most of the time you both play really well together.

I can't believe you are 1!!! You have brought such joy to our lives and continue to each day! I am not quite sure what your sister would do with you and vice versa. When she goes to school in the morning she tells you, "I will be back Bubba, I love you!" You guys will always be best friends, at least that is what I hope for!

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I am very proud I actually wrote a post every month. I kind of dropped off with your sister! Happy 1 year bub!!

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