Friday, December 16, 2016

Zander - 8 Months

We are getting closer and closer to his year in the world is that possible! Wasn't I just writing his birth story! You can read part 2 here. I thought time went fast with Kinley but I think it is going faster with him. Things are so much busier with two sometimes the days are a blur. I hate it! I want to slow down time. We had a tough time getting any decent 8 month pictures.

Stats: He is somewhere over 17 pounds. He is still in size 2 diapers and wearing 9 and 12 month clothes. The 9 month clothes are getting a little small so I think next month we will transition into 12 months.

Sleep: All over the place!!! Like I said we have been sick and he is cutting teeth so you know what that sleep! It has been tough! He has been going to bed about 6:30-7ish which is challenging on the nights I do not get home until 7. He is still in the zipadeezip and I think really liking it now. Naps are hit or miss at this point. Some naps 20 mins, some 3 hours. I feel like his night sleep is so random too at this point. I was really hoping we could get to something more consistent but it seems things keep happening, sick, teething, new skills developing, you name it. Some day we will sleep again.

Eat: We are in full swing of baby led weaning and he is doing so much better this month with it. He is really starting to eat more foods and actually put them in his mouth, though he does think it is funny to feed the dog. We tried the pouches with him and he LOVES them! I honestly think he is lazy and just enjoys people feeding him. We have had some issues with constipation so I need to find something to give him to help with this transition to more solids. Does anyone have any ideas? He is still breastfeed and getting pumped milk while I am working. I can not wait to be done pumping! My boobs do not respond well and I hate pumping! Kuddos to all you exclusively pumping moms!

Play: This boy is starting to scoot! He is getting his knees under him and then goes backwards, nothing forward yet. He has started to stand more with assistance. I can tell his legs are getting stronger. Kinley has made him belly laugh multiple times and it just melts my heart. I love hearing that sound and watching them interact. The looks he gives her are priceless. He did get a tooth and is working on his second so everything goes in his mouth!

He had his first visit with Santa and didn't seem to mind so much. Kinley on the other hand was not a fan. He celebrated his first Thanksgiving with lots of mashed potatoes and turkey! He also got his upgrade to sit in the carts at Target! Big step I know!

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