Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas Cookies

I went back and forth whether I wanted to make Christmas cookies this year because things have been so insane, but then thought to myself things are always busy and we needed to make them. I really loved the recipe we used last year but thought we would try a different one this year.

We used the recipe from Gavin and Co for her grandma's sugar cookies. They were pretty yummy and I know Kinley had a blast decorating them. I am pretty certain she ate more of the decorations than she put on the cookies, but that is what it is all about! At one point she dipped her finger in the frosting and said, "Mommy this is yummy!" Yes honey it is yummy, it is pure sugar. This is probably the only time of year I will let her eat this much sugar. She really isn't a sugar girl so it is perfect.

I thought having the dough sit in the fridge would be a pain in the butt to role out but honestly it was so much better when it was cold. The second it got warm I could not get the shapes off the counter; so cold dough is the way to go. The only suggestion I have is when you are getting ready to roll the dough out put a decent amount of flour on the counter, the roller and and the cookie cutters. It made it so much easier to have everything floured (is that a word).

We had such a great time and it was 100% worth the HUGE mess it made in my kitchen. I am so glad we decided to make cookies, plus it gave Kinley and I some one on one time while Zander was sleeping.

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