Tuesday, June 30, 2015

7 Months

I know I am way late on this post but I wanted to get it up anyways. Kinley was 7 months on June 27th. We didn't have a doctor appointment this month but I took her in anyways to get her weighed. She is still slowly gaining. She was 15lbs 1oz and 26in long. She didn't grow in any length so all her weight gain was ounces. Yippee! She is wearing size 2 diapers and we are finally in 6 month clothes. She is at such a fun age right now, we are enjoying her very much!

Sleep: We have officially transitioned into her crib this month. The first night I don't think I slept at all between watching the monitor, checking on her and missing her terribly. Yes I know that might sound silly as she was in the next room but it was really hard on me. Even Matt said he missed her in our room. If you asked me while I was pregnant I said she was going to be sleeping in her room shortly after we all came home. This was just one of many things that didn't go how I had pictured. We both loved having her in our room and I would not change it but it was time for her to get use to her room and her bed. She still isn't napping in her crib but I am ok with that! She still naps in the pack and play in our room. This past month she has started to do really well at night with the exception of a few bad nights. We start bath at 6, then lotion, nurse and bed. She is usually in her bed around 645. She continues to wake up at the 30-45 minute mark but usually takes her bink and goes right back to sleep. She has been getting up once, anywhere from 1-4 to eat. This month it has been kind of a struggle to get her to go right back to sleep. There were many nights I was up for an hour or two with her. That makes for one tired mamma the next day at work. After I finally get her down she gets up for the day around 530-6. Some times she will surprise me and sleep until 630 or 7 which is AMAZING. Funny how 7 becomes sleeping in when you are a parent. And for naps. She is still quite the cat napper. For a week or so she took an hour and a half nap every day. I thought she was finally consolidating naps. I was wrong. Back to 30 min naps. Boooo!! Though she still usually takes 4 30 min naps a day which isn't bad you just can't get anything done in 30 mins. I really am beginning to think she will forever take 30 min naps. Time will tell.

Eating: We are in full swing with BLW. For the first few weeks I waited a few days in between foods then decided since there are not any allergies with Matt and I we were going to go for it. This girl LOVES her food. We were doing oatmeal to help her gain some weight but towards the end of this month she was not having being fed so we just eliminated it. She is much happier when she can do it or she has to chew the food. We tried eggs, lasagna, plum, steak, lemon, peach, spinach and various spices. There hasn't been much this girl doesn't like. She continues to get breast milk in the bottle while I am at work and I nurse her before bed and in the middle of the night. On the weekends I nurse her more and I love it! I never really had an ending point in mind when I was pregnant and then when I started it was 6 months and now that we have passed 6 months I am hoping to make it to a year. I am still pumping 4 times a day, morning, 2 times at work and before bed. I am trying to keep a stash in the freezer for emergencies. You never know when my supply will crash or something unexpected happens. I love the bond we share while she nurses. It is truly an amazing feeling!

Play: Oh my has play time been fun! She loves her toys and actually plays with most of them, though the iPhone seems to be the best toy. :) We got her a new Baby Einstein table this month that she loves. She stands with help but what is best about it is the legs come off and it can sit on the ground. She loves banging all the buttons for the different music. We bought it at a consignment shop for about 1/2 the price. Best idea ever! She mastered sitting at about 5 1/2 months and now all she wants to do is stand. If you try to sit her back down she arches her back and gets mad. It is pretty cute. Sophie continues to be a favorite.

She has learned to play peek a boo and thinks it is hilarious. She loves to interact with the animals. She just looks at them at starts laughing. It is the cutest thing ever! She went in her pool in the back yard and seems to enjoy it. We haven't taken her to a bigger pool yet but hopefully will get to that before the end of summer. She is talking so much more and very responsive when you call her name. She still does not have any teeth but chews on things like she has a mouth full. She celebrated her first Father's day with Daddy and made him a cute frame for his desk. He loved it and we had a blast making it. She continues to do new things ever day and is such a blessing in our lives. I have so much love for this little monkey.

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Ok here you have it! It is only 2 weeks late. Hope everyone has a great day! It is a long week for me because I have to work Saturday. Hate 6 day work weeks!

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