Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend Fun

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Again ours was pretty mellow, just the way I like it :) Friday I hung out with a friend from an old job. It was great to catch up and have adult conversations! She brought over this amazing recipe of Greek pitas. We used naan bread and let me tell you they were so amazing Matt and I made them again on Saturday night LOL.

Sorry for the half eaten picture. I was so hungry and halfway through thought I would snap a pic. 

It was an early night because I had to get Kinley to bed. I am really trying to be more consistent with following a schedule for her sake, well for the both of us! I use to give her a bath and then bring her back downstairs. I think restimulating her might not have been the best idea before bed. So I recently decided to give her a bath, lotion and pjs, read a book or two depending on her mood, swaddle and then her bedtime feed. I was nursing her before bed but if Matt is home or able to come home we are going to do a bottle in hopes her tummy will be more full and she will sleep longer. Sometimes she is so tired when bedtime rolls around I don't think she nurses the best which results in her not having a full tummy and waking up more than mommy likes :). 

Saturday Kinley got up and didn't seem like she was ready to get up so I stayed upstairs with her and fed her. I then played with her on our bed and swaddled her back up and put her down for a nap. She is one tough cookie to get down. But she took a 2 1/2 hour nap! It was amazing and she was so happy when she woke up. Out we went to run some errands and enjoy the beautiful day. Our first stop Best Buy. We have been contemplating a new computer and been doing a lot of research. We really wanted a MAC and after doing our research and deciding it was a good investment we purchased a MAC. So yes I am typing this blog post from our new MAC. I couldn't be happier. Happy early birthday to me :) Then it was grocery shopping time. I am probably one of the weirdos that actually enjoys grocery shopping. I really like coming up with new healthy recipes. Kinley really has been loving the Baby Bjorn lately. She loves to look out and watch everyone. Who doesn't love some people watching! She is my child! When deciding on a baby carrier we purchased the Ergo but received the Bjorn from some friends that were not using it anymore. I don't like her to be in the Bjorn long but every once in a while I don't mind :) All that shopping wore her out!

She is so cute I can't get enough!! 

Sunday already! Why does the weekend go so fast? Kinley decided after her 4:30am feeding she wanted to stay up. After many times of putting the bink back in her mouth I think she finally went back to sleep around 530am. Then she was up at 8. I was so tired and not sure why she has been doing pretty well the past few nights. Maybe the extra sleep is throwing me for a loop. She didn't stay up too long this morning, but she nursed and we played on her play mat for a little bit before going back down for a nap. She took another 2 1/2 hour nap! I am not saying anything yet but I am super excited she is napping better the past few days. We then made our weekend trip to Target and I was craving Chipolte so we grabbed some lunch. Have you guys heard they might be getting rid of their guacamole? Aww that would be sad it is so tasty! I didn't want to be out too long because I was hoping Kinley would take a good afternoon nap if we didn't miss the window. Well it was tough and after fighting her for an hour I decided to feed her and try again after her tummy was full. Just what she needed. She took another 2 hour nap! This is very exciting to me!! I actually made dinner, homemade lasagna, and went for a run!! It was a slow run but I did it. I am doing the Shamrock 8K this weekend with some friends which will be really interesting! 

YUMMM cheese overload!

And of course a blog post wouldn't be complete with some pictures of my love bug! Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

What did everyone do this weekend?? I am so ready for spring weather to get out and about more! Happy Monday everyone! :)

Sorry this is posting late today. I set up the scheduled timer and I must be doing something wrong! So I hope everyone had a good day!


  1. I love that Kinley is sleeping better for you!!

    1. Thank you Allison! Now if it would roll I to the evening we'd be good!

  2. Kinley is adorable, and it sounds like she is improving with her sleeping! I hope that keeps up :) And that is so awesome that you went for a run! I am going to see my doctor this week, and I am hoping to start running again next week :)

  3. Thanks Rachel! We are making progress. It's very slow but at least we are moving forward! I should be running more! Doing an 8k this weekend! Have you always been a runner?