Monday, March 3, 2014

3 months

How is my baby already 3 months old. The time is flying and she is becoming more and more fun. She is starting to interact more and really listen when we talk to her. I have to say these first 3 months have been very challenging! Let's talk about how she is doing.

She has changed so much over the past three months! 

Sleep: She's not the best sleeper. It's been a tab bit frustrating at times. She does pretty good throughout the night. Usually goes to bed late, between 10-1030, then sleeps til 3-4, gets up to eat and goes back down. It's been a little bit of a struggle to get her to go right back down the past week or so. I feel I'm constantly putting her bink back in her mouth. After we do that for awhile she finally goes back to sleep until about 7ish. Eats again and I go to work. 

Sleeping during the day is a different story. I feel I'm spending all day putting her to sleep, or my husband now that I'm back at work, and she never sleeps more than 40 minutes. Talk about not being able to get anything done! This last weekend she had two days of 3 hour naps. I was so excited! Unfortunately today we are back to fighting sleep all day long! If anyone has any suggestions on how to make this better I'm all ears! It's difficult and gets frustrating. I love her to death but I'm human and everyone needs some quite time. I really hope it starts to get better as she gets older. We still swaddle her for sleep. She does so much better being swaddled. I'm a little nervous for the day we stop swaddling.

Eating: She still is exclusively getting breast milk. She nurses in the morning before I go to work, gets about 3 3oz bottles while I'm gone (give or take what she's wanting) nurses when I get home, then maybe 2 more times before bed and once in the middle if the night. I love nursing her and that time. Sometimes she just looks up at me with the biggest blue eyes. It melts my heart. 

I am pumping two times during the day at work. I'm going to be honest it's not easy. I'm very busy and it's difficult to stop for 30 minutes and be in the right mind frame to pump and make it worth it. It's working so far and I'm bringing home enough milk for her during the day but it's tough!! I thought people were crazy when they told me to look at pictires of her but it helps! She makes me smile! I also have a good stash in the freezer if need be. I was a pumping machine before I went back to work. 

Play: She had really started to play this month. When I talk to her she coos and smiles. It's the cutest thing ever. She has laughed maybe three times and so close to doing it consistently. Soon soon!! She loves her activity mat and enjoys talking to the butterflies above her. She doesn't last very long in one spot so we rotate from the activity mat to the bumbo to the bouncy seat! She loves to sit up in the bumbo. I have a tray for it but haven't attached it yet. She really enjoys the lamaze toys as they are bright in colors!! We recently gave her Sophie since she's loving chewing on her fists.

Gosh I just love this little monkey more than anything. She's brought so much joy to our lives over the past 3 months! Looking forward to many more to come! 

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