Thursday, March 20, 2014

It's Friday!!

Yeah it's Friday and we are suppose to have great weather for the weekend! I'm super excited! It's been rainy and cold! With yesterday being the first day of spring it was nice to see the sun! We finally got out for a walk to soak it up.

I'm loving her new shades we got! Let's just hope she doesn't figure out how to pull them off :). 

Another week has flown by! My birthday is Monday and I'm always so excited for it and just not feeling that this year. Though we will be celebrating all weekend! That's how we do birthdays in the Brooks' house! 

I finally started my T25 I got in the mail a week ago! I'm really liking it so far and hope to see results!! I just gotta keep at it! The race last weekend kicked me into gear! I'm already thinking about my next race! I really love doing them! But geez they get expensive!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I finally got Kinley to laugh! She's been so close but finally! And I even caught it on video! You can check it out on Instagram

Anyone have any race suggestions? 

Any plans for the weekend? 


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