Wednesday, March 5, 2014

3 Month Must Haves

 Below are some of our 3 month favorites and what has worked for us.  This post contains affiliated links.

1. My Baby by Homedics SoundSpa: Kinley loves white noise and this machine is great. It's actually a projector as well but we haven't used that part yet. It has ocean sounds to heartbeat sounds. The reasonable price is what sold me and we love it!

2. Munchkin Bottle Warmer: When we first introduced the bottle, around 6 weeks, we started with the good old fashioned boiling water on the stove top. That got old very quick when Kinley was screaming because she was hungry. I really like the munchkin bottle warmer because it is fast and fits the Tommee Tipee bottles we use. It took a few times to figure out how long to heat the ounces but it works out great and it is fast.

3. Wubbanub: We got the wubbanub when Kinley was only a few weeks old. I honestly wasn't a fan at first but now that she's a little older I like it better. It's easy to set on her swaddle when I lay her in the rock n play. Plus it's super cute and she loves holding on the the legs. Sometimes I think she likes eating the legs more than the bink.

4. Coffee: Such a must have for this mama! Donut shop is one of our favorites we use for our Kuerig. There are many options. I have really started to love coffee the past year or so. I don't drink more than 2 cups in a day and always before 1pm.

5. UP Breast Milk Storage Bags: there are so many options for storage bags. I had gotten a few boxes as gifts and they are great! I haven't had any problems with them leaking. Remember to lay your bags flat when freezing to save space. I wish someone would've told me that :)

6. Bibs: We received so many bibs for shower gifts. At first I was like we are never going to use all these bibs! Well little did I know! When you have a teething infant that drools on everything bibs come in handy! I prefer the ones with the plastic on the back because they don't soak through the drool as fast, though the cuter ones are nice too :)

7. Bumbo: Kinley LOVES to sit up. I am pretty sure she is going to sit up on her own before she rolls over. Not a big fan of tummy time. The bumbo is a nice option to have when she is getting sick of laying on her back on the play mat.

7. Play Mat: We received this play mat as a gift. We had gotten a few hand me downs so we weren't going to buy one. After receiving this one the hand me downs went to nanny's house. Kinley really likes the music and the lights on this mat. It is very colorful and has lots of spots to attach toys!

These are just a few of the must haves for a 3 month old. I am not being paid for any of this. All opinions are my own and what has worked for us.

What would a post be without a few pictures of my love bug.

What are some of your must haves? I would love to hear from what to have on hand for the months to come! Please share!

Happy HUMP day :)


  1. I love her staring at her peacock. It's like they're having a conversation!

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