Saturday, March 15, 2014

First Race Back

Well I survived my first race post baby! I honestly haven't had time to even train for it with going back to work and everything else going on. I've always loved the shamrock races! 2 years ago I did my first half marathon and loved it! I signed up for the shamrock 8k thinking it would be a good way to get back into running after having Kinley. It was tough and slow but I finished! Hoping I can keep up with running and do another half sooner than later!

And what's better motivation to run than burning 955 calories! I was shocked! My heart rate was pretty high a lot of the time lol! It was definitely tough getting back into running but felt great hitting the pavement again. I'm not sure of my official time because I kept my watch on until my heart rate came down. I was just happy I finished it in not too much pain. My hips are definitely sore and I'm sure will be tomorrow but I feel pretty good otherwise! Great way to start a Saturday!

What races have you run that are fun? 

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