Sunday, January 10, 2016

Pregnancy #2 Update - Weeks 21-25

Pregnancy #2 weeks 21-25 Update

It has been a few weeks since I have done a baby boy update. Yes you read that right baby boy! Since the last one we have found out many things. I look back at the last post and laugh because it is titled Update Baby Girl #2. If you have been reading you know that has changed! We are not expecting a girl like we thought, but it is a BOY. You can read about that here. We confirmed Friday he is in fact a he! We are very excited about that and can begin to focus on the nursery.

Here is what baby boy has been up to the last few weeks. As of today I am 25 weeks 3 days.

  • Little man has definitely had a growth spurt since the last update. The ultrasound tech said he is about 1 pound 12 oz right now. She said that was the 57th percentile. 
  • His lungs are developing surfactant that will help them expand after birth. His nostrils are also opening to help him breath.
  • His bones are becoming solid and his hands are fully developed, he can make a fist and grasp objects.
  • He can hear sounds outside the womb and the brain cells are starting to mature. This is exciting to me since we read to Kinley often and it is fun to know he can hear us now. 
What is going on with me: 

Sleep: Honestly it hasn't been that horrible. Not too much has changed and I still wake up multiple times a night to pee but at least I am able to fall asleep at night. When I was pregnant with Kinley I had the worst insomnia and there were many nights I would go sit on the couch and cry because I couldn't sleep. Kinley is still ending up in our bed anywhere from 3-5am but honestly we are all sleeping and she sleeps in when she is with us. So right now it is what it is and I am going to stop stressing about it. Well at least try :). She recently cut 2 molars so that resulted in some sleepless nights, but I am hoping we are back on the mend. 

How Far Along: 25 weeks 3 days and feeling more movement each day. Nothing like a good old bathroom selfie to mark 25 weeks.

Total Weight Gain: As of my appointment Friday I have gained 7 pounds. This is shocking to me! At 26 weeks with Kinley I was up 20 pounds. Not sure if it is due to me chasing a toddler this time or just different eating habits. I can't really say I have been eating the healthiest this time though to be honest. The other day I ate a donut and an apple fritter...don't judge :). I blame it on my husband since he brought me both. They had to be eaten. Little man seems to be growing perfectly so I am happy with my minimal weight gain at this point. It is amazing how all pregnancies are different. 

Best Moment of the Past Few Weeks: We had a great past few weeks. My mom spent the holidays with us, which was amazing! We got Kinley a toddler bed that she loves! That was 100% not planned!! And despite not receiving the best news Friday at the ultrasound, seeing little man is always a blessing!

Miss Anything: Hmmmm. I do miss being able to enjoy a glass of wine but honestly I think that is about it right now. Overall I am feeling pretty great! So much different from when I was pregnant with Kinley. 

Cravings: Sweets, sweets and more sweets. I am really trying to tone this down a little. I crave them all the time! I have my glucose test coming up in 2 weeks and I really hope I pass this time. I had gestational diabetes with Kinley. I got to take my glucose test home with me! I am so excited about this! I have to drink it an hour before my appointment and then I just go and get my blood drawn. How amazing is that!! 

Gender: It's a BOY!!! We are so excited to finally believe we will be having a little boy Brooksie :). If you really look at the picture that is his leg/foot covering his other eye. He was seriously a pretzel in there the other day.

Symptoms: My hips are really starting to bother me. I have found a good yoga video with some stretches in it that really seem to help. I just need to find the time to do it more often. I have a little lower back pain but nothing major at this point. I sit all day for work, so I really try to walk as much as possible. Of course the constant peeing hasn't changed and I am sure not going to get any better anytime soon as he grows!  

Mood: I am for the most part happy. I do have my grumpy moments, but hey don't we all! I love so much sharing this moment with Kinley. She talks about her brother all the time. It is the cutest and melts my heart! 

Looking Forward to: This might sound weird but I am looking forward to hearing from high risk and getting this echo set up. It will give us many more answers and I can at least have some questions answered. I am also looking forward to seeing him move on the outside. His kicks are getting stronger but we haven't seen him move on the outside yet. Matt has only felt him move a handful of times as well, and I can't wait for Kinley to feel him. With my anterior placenta it makes feeling his kicks more difficult. I am also really looking forward to getting his nursery done. We have started getting things but need to go pick out some paint. I love the nursery decor we have bought already so I am sharing it again :)

That is it for this update folks! It was a long one so if you are still reading thank you! I hope everyone has a great rest of their weekend! Do you see that cute little nose of his. I am so in love! 


  1. Congratulations on your boy!! I have 2 boys of my own and can say they are pretty awesome!!! I know this is probably weird but I loved the drink I got for my glucose test! >.< When anything is high risk it's nice to just KNOW whether it's bad or good at least your ready so I get that but I do pray it is only good news.

    1. Thank you!! It's definitely going to be different than my daughter! I'm hoping a little less high maintenance lol. I got the fruit punch one and it's not horrible but I can't say I love it lol! Thanks for your kind words! I appreciate it!!

  2. Congratulations! Boys are loud and messy (no different than girls lol) but they are so much fun!

  3. Such a sweet little guy :) I'm so glad you are sleeping well! My pregnancy apps keep telling me pregnancy insomnia is a thing but for the most part I've been sleeping really well and I'm trying to soak that in (knock on wood...I still have a few more weeks to go!). I've been thinking of you and hope you hear back soon about little man's heart! Keep us updated! I'm excited to see pictures of the nursery. Love the navy!

    1. Thank you so much Lauren!! I'm hoping I hear soon!! I had the worst insomnia with my daughter. I cried many nights!! I'm glad you are sleeping well too! I wish my daughter would quit waking up so I could sleep a night but oh well lol. Motherhood :)