Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015

Christmas has come and gone and we are about to say good bye to another year. It truly is amazing how fast the years go. People tell you when you have kids to not blink and you really don't realize that until you are living it yourself. I still am amazed every day Kinley is 2 and I am already 24 weeks with this baby boy of ours. We are definitely blessed.

We had a great Christmas. If you've been reading you know my mom was in town, which was such a great time. She seems to always visit us in the winter but has never been here on Christmas. It was so wonderful to have the time with her. I ended up with more time than I though too. I went to check her in for her flight on Monday (thinking she was leaving Tuesday morning) and come to find out she didn't leave until Wednesday morning. I was so shocked! The entire visit I was thinking she was leaving on Tuesday morning. It was pretty funny. Then her flight got canceled on Wednesday due to snow in Chicago and she didn't leave until Thursday. Such a great time and wonderful memories that were made.

It saddens me Kinley doesn't get to grow up with my family near but I love that she really enjoys the time now when they visit. It warms my heart. 

We didn't do a whole lot when she was here but we did get to the Botanical Gardens for the lights, which was worth it! Kinley really enjoyed it as well. Watching her enjoy the holidays is special. I always dreamed of the day I would have kids to spend these days with. It sure is true when friends tell you the holidays are better with kids. 100 times more chaotic but that chaos is worth every second, and to be honest I kinda like it. Is that weird?

My dad and step mom were also down for a day so it was great to see them too. My dad recently had quadruple bypass surgery 5 weeks ago so I was very excited to see them. I was a little worried about him traveling so far with him just having surgery but he says he is feeling pretty good and each day gets better. The weather was about 80 the day they were here so we had a blast enjoying the sun at the beach.

Overall we had a wonderful Christmas and we all enjoyed each other's company. I am always sad to see family leave but I do like to be on a schedule so it will be nice to get back to our schedule and not so many cookies on the table. I have eaten way too many of those this break.

Next week we go back to the dr for a check up on baby boy. We are having an ultrasound done because at the last one they couldn't get pictures of his heart. I will be confirming he is a boy and he is healthy. If you didn't know we thought he was a she for the longest time. You can read about the shocker here. It is about time for another update so I will be doing that next week after our appointment.

Happy New Year's Eve to everyone! I am sure I will be sleeping at midnight, at least that is the hope. It has been rough here with the 2 year old molars coming in.


  1. Love the beach pics! 2015 will be hard to beat for me. Got engaged and had a lot of exciting things to happen! Hears to a healthy and happy 2016 from my family to yours! xo

    1. Thank you so much Chelsea! Congrats on the engagement! I hope 2016 is as great to you!