Monday, November 30, 2015

Update Baby Girl #2

Pregnancy #2 Week 17-20 Update:

I seriously have been slacking with these photos and updates with this baby. I feel so bad. I did so good taking photos every week and Matt made almost all the weekly boards when I was pregnant with Kinley. You can see them all here. I had just started the blog so I didn't do any written updates but I loved doing the boards. I am just not into it as much with this one. She is already getting hit with the 2nd child syndrome. Poor girl. I keep telling myself I am going to do better. The days just really get away from me. I didn't even do a 17, 18 or 19 week photo so here is the 20 week photo which is really 20 weeks 2 days because I ran out of time that day. Mom of two fail!

Here is what baby girl is up to these past few weeks
  • From the last update at only about 3-5oz to now she is the size of a melon at about 10oz. We will find out more in about a week and a half when we do the anatomy scan. 
  • Her sensory development has exploded. Her brain is developing specialized areas for all her senses. 
  • Her uterus is now fully formed and her ovaries are holding over 7 million primitive eggs (that is amazing to me!)
  • She is starting to move a lot more but the movements are still very subtle. Not very strong at this point. It makes me wonder if my placenta is anterior. I was feeling a lot of movement from Kinley by 20 weeks. I will be sure to ask about this at my anatomy scan. 
  • Her arm and legs are the right proportion to each other and the rest of her body and her kidneys are continuing to make urine. 
What is going on with me:

Sleep: I am still pretty tired. But honestly I think that is just my life and the way things have been going lately. Kinley is back to waking up and ending up in our bed most nights and she is a mover. So it makes my sleep very disturbed. I am also waking up a lot to pee so that is disrupting things as well too. But overall I am still sleeping way better than I was with Kinely at this point. And for the most part there hasn't been too much insomnia, where as with Kinley it was every night and it was horrible! 

How far along: 20 weeks 3 days today

Total Weight Gain: Nothing so far. This is very surprising to me and to be honest I hope by my next appointment, in a week and a half, I have gained something. I can't remember how much I had gained with Kinley at this point but I know it was a decent amount. I gained 40 pounds with her. 

Best Moment of the past few weeks: This is a tough one. There have been a few. Kinley turned 2 and we had the best party ever. See the details here. She had a blast. We also got some family pictures done over the weekend so I will be sharing those soon! You can check out some of the sneak peaks over on IG.

Miss Anything: Being able to eat a full meal. Food still doesn't sound great to me and when I eat I usually eat way less than I use to be able to eat. There have been some nights where I have wanted a glass of wine so I have missed that a bit as well. Weddings and holidays make you want a glass or two of wine, lets be honest. We did have a great time at our friend's wedding a few weeks back.

Cravings: I guess you could say sweets. I have eaten way more sweets than I ate before I was pregnant. Another reason I can't believe I haven't gained any weight yet. There are many nights I enjoy some ice cream. That is not a norm for me not pregnant. 

Gender: It's a GIRL!!! We are super excited to have another girl and for Kinley to have a sister. Sisters are the best! We have decided on a name but as of right now we aren't going to share it :).

Symptoms: I don't have many symptoms. I think my boobs are finally starting to grow a little so they have been sensitive but nothing too major. Oh, frequent peeing! That is really non-stop. Overall though, nothing too major at this point. And I hope it stays that way because when I was pregnant with Kinley I was pretty miserable. I am actually really enjoying being pregnant this time! 

Mood: I am still pretty happy most of the time. I am definitely more emotional. I think I have started tearing up many times when certain songs come on the radio. I could also cry a lot easier thinking of memories. My dad recently has some pretty major surgery and I was a mess! Thankfully he is ok and is back home recovering. 

Looking forward to: Our anatomy scan. When we found out the gender it was just a sneak peak so we didn't get any great pictures. Of course it is always great to see the baby but I am really excited for an in depth ultrasound and some great profile pictures. 

I can't believe we are on the down slide of this pregnancy. It kinda makes me a little sad so I am soaking up every minute of it. I can't wait until her kicks get stronger and Kinley and Matt can start to feel her move. We talk to Kinley all the time about her sister but she doesn't really have a clue yet. Well maybe she does and I just don't know it. Kids are super smart! I need to start putting together some ideas for the nursery and start to have a plan about things. Things are so much more laid back and I am much more going with the flow this round. They say that happens with the second. Did this happen with any of you?

I hope you all have a great week. We ended up in urgent care last night with this beauty. Kinley has an ear infection. Poor girl! We got some meds so hopefully she will feel better soon. 


  1. That's so amazing how babies form and develop in the womb, it's quite a miracle and extremely fascinating. I LOVE "Half Baked" so you're making a very great cravings choice with that one. Haha. I hope you have a great rest of your pregnancy!

    1. Thanks Autumn!! It's definitely my favorite! I still look at my daughter in amazement. Our bodies do amazing things!

  2. You look awesome! With my second, I didn't feel much movement around the 20 week mark but with my first I felt him around week 19! It's crazy how different kids are even in the womb.

    1. That is so true Danielle! Maybe this one is a little more calm and relaxed! I can only hope!!

  3. This is my first time on your blog, so I am wishing you a safe and healthy pregnancy in the upcoming 16-20 weeks! :) Also, Kinley?! What an adorable name!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Julia!!! I appreciate the well wishes! :) Hopefully you'll stop by again!

  4. You look great! I loved being pregnant. Love the picture with your baby girl and you. Too cute!

    1. I was not a fan of being pregnant with Kinley. It's been more enjoyable this time! I'm hoping the extreme pains I had with Kinley will stay away! Thanks for stopping by Charlene!

  5. You look GREAT! And happy belated birthday to Kinley! <3