Wednesday, May 14, 2014

4 and 5 Month Must Haves

Sorry this post is so over due! Life gets busy with a little one :). Below are our must haves for a 4-5 month old!

1. Aden and Anais Security Blanket: We are really a fan of these blankets or loveys. I was very hesitant on giving her a blanket but with the breathable material these are made out of, it eased my mind. They are soft and come in a pack of two! Since we are trying to move past swaddling Kinley likes having something in her hand when falling asleep. 

2. Earths Best Oatmeal:  I knew I wanted an organic oatmeal to give her. We have been very happy with earths best and Kinley loves it! Win win. *We did not give this to her until she was almost 6 months old and this was at the request of the pediatrician to help her gain some weight. 

3. Tommee Tippee bottles: With being back at work Kinley is getting the bottle more often than not. I really like the tommee tippee bottles and she has never had a problem with them. 

4. Sophie the Giraffe: I can not say enough good things about this toy. People asked me if it was really worth the money. At first I didn't think it was any more than a glorified dog toy to be honest, but now that we are in the middle of teething Sophie goes everywhere with us! Kinley loves this toy! 

5. Jumperoo: I love all the bright colors and music this jumperoo offers. Kinley especially loves it because she can watch everything going on. She hasn't quite figured out how to bounce up and down yet, but I'm sure as soon as she does she will be loving it more!

6. Munchkin Spoons: We are really liking these spoons for feeding. We are following BLW but still giving oatmeal. Kinley likes to chew on them too ;)

7. Teething Rings: These are great to stick in the fridge to chill. Kinley loves chewing on them while they are cold. They make her gums feel good and keeps her from getting mad while I try to make dinner. 

8. Graco Slim Space High Chair: There are a lot of high chairs out there but this one works for us. Our kitchen is really small so I like that it folds up and we can put it against the wall when we aren't using it. 

9. MAM Pacifiers: For the longest time we loved the wubbanubs, though I found Kinley had a difficult time keeping the soothie in her mouth. We had tried many binks over and over and she always preferred the wubbanub. One day she took the MAM and loved it. They are much easier for her to keep in her mouth. They also make awesome glow in the dark ones! 

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