Monday, May 12, 2014

My 1st Mother's Day

Hey everyone! Hope everyone had a great weekend and a happy Mother's Day! We had a great weekend! My first Mother's Day could not have been more perfect! I have always dreamed of being a mom but never fully understood how awesome it is until November 27, 2013, when Kinley Reese picked me to be her mama! I love this girl more than words!

Saturday was beautiful. I actually made it out for a run. I have to be honest I've really been slacking in the workout department! I need to get back in gear but I'm lacking motivation! What motivates you to workout? It felt great to go out and run. Then I came home and made a green smoothie! It was yummy! 

The rest of Saturday consisted of lots of errands! We went to SAMs club to stock up on household essentials like coffee hehe. Man that place will make you broke! After that it was nap time for the little ms. I loved her outfit but didn't have a matching headband! Minor problem. So I made her one. I loved it. She looked so cute all weekend! 

She's starting to sit on her own and growing way too fast! It's almost her half birthday! Eeekkkk!!! Saturday night we hung out and did some things around the house! I love being at home with the family! We had some yummy turkey burgers for dinner with sweet potatoes. Of course we shared the sweet potatoes with Kinley. I can't wait til I can give her any of our meals, but right now we are introducing foods slowly. 

Sunday came so fast! I hate how fast the weekends fly by!! I started my morning by waking up to the happiest little girl talking away! She's very content laying in her bed talking in the morning. It's the cutest thing! Her and daddy made me the best Mother's Day gift! 

Yes that blob is her handprint. Go daddy!! I love it and will cherish it forever! We had brunch at Cheesecake Factory, one of my favorite places! I have to say I've been a little disappointed with their service the past two times I've been there! It makes me upset when you spend a lot of money to eat out and the service is terrible. Good thing we had good company and a happy baby!

She kept grabbing at that glass of water in the corner of the picture. Does anyone have any good sippy cup suggestions? I think we need to start one soon. She's so intrigued by drinks and food! 

After we got home and she took a nap we had a picnic in our backyard. The weather was beautiful and it was nice to enjoy it. We made some sandwiches and cut up some watermelons...which leads me to the next food Kinley had. Watermelon. She was completely unsure at first and made quite the face but then seemed to enjoy it. We were going to do broccoli but Matt and I were eating watermelon and wanted to share! I have to say I'm LOVING BLW! 

We ended the night with some quiet time on the couch watching Parenthood. Anyone watch that show? I've been in tears a few times! Hope everyone had as good of a weekend as us! Happy late Mother's Day to all the mothers!

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