Sunday, March 12, 2017

Zander - 11 Months

Oh buddy we have less than a month until you turn the wild one! You have been such an amazing blessing to our lives I don't know what we did before you. The birthday party planning is in full effect and your invites are going to go out soon! Tiny prints sent us the cutest invites and stamps! I can't wait to address them and get them in the mail.

This past month has been a little crazy. everyone has been really sick! Thank goodness I didn't catch anything. We all know there are no sick days for moms so I am glad I dodged it all.

Stats: There is not an 11 month check up but we were at the doctor when you were 10.5 months old and you weighed in at 18lbs 14oz. They didn't do your height because it was a sick visit. You have had some major issues with your ears and been on medicine a few times in the last few months. You then spiked a really high fever that stayed for 4 days. I am so glad you are finally feeling better. You now have 5 teeth with a few more making there way through soon.

Sleep: After a terrible start this month with sleep we or I gave in to sleep training. With the sickness not going away we held you for sleep most nights which meant mommy and daddy really did not sleep. Once your fever broke we knew we had to go with the sleep training. I could not do the sleep training with Kinley but was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel if we stuck with it so I knew I had to be strong and go with it. Wouldn't you know Matt got very sick on night 2 and I was on my own. Anyway all the sleep training is for another post, but I am happy to say we are all sleeping much better and I am so happy I was able to see the end results. We are still working on your naps. You still sleep in your crib with your zipadee-zip and about 7 binks. You are still taking 2 naps a day ranging from 30 minutes - 2 hours. Overall I am very happy with the progress we have made when it come to sleep this past month.

Eat: You are giving me a run for my money with nursing. You are not interested about 90% of the time. I have had to increase my pumping sessions to make up for the times you won't nurse. I hate pumping!! You love solids and eat just about anything. The only thing you really don't like is eggs. You love all meat, especially chicken and turkey sausage. Yogurt is a definite favorite as well, though I wonder if it is giving you rashes. We still do some pouches with you since you love them so much and I know it will fill your tummy. You are still doing awesome with the 360 cup. I am still pumping twice at work but will hopefully go down to one shortly after your first birthday unless you continue to not nurse. You are just too busy and do not want to take the time to work for the milk, you take a bottle with no issues. I really do not know how much breastmilk you are getting during the day, we just go with it.

Play: You are into everything! Your sister is not liking it too much! You want to do everything with her and be apart of everything she is doing, you follow right behind her. You are standing and walking along furniture and standing on toys. Total boy you are! You still love walks in the wagon and playing at the park. Now that you can move a little more you are loving exploring and eating everything! We really have to watch you! Bath time continues to be a favorite for you and you scream and arch your back when we try to take you out. You would probably stay in there forever.

We are getting your 1 year pictures taken at the end of the month and I am feeling very emotional about it. I seriously can't believe you are going to be 1! I want to relive your birth over and over. It was truly amazing.

Well buddy. I am soaking up these last few weeks before they officially call you a toddler. I won't be calling you a toddler anytime soon! We love you so much! Happy 11 months!

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