Friday, June 5, 2015

Half of My Weekend

Happy Friday!! It technically is my Sunday since I was off yesterday too. I really am enjoying being off Thursday and Fridays. Kinley and I have such a great time. It is a bummer working every Saturday but then having Sunday off is nice too. I'm not minding it too much.

We had a good week. It always seems to go by so fast! We leave for Colorado in less than a week for my sisters wedding. WOW! I can't believe she is getting married in a week! We are really looking forward to seeing everyone! When Kinley and I went to Colorado a few weeks ago Matt didn't get to go with us so we are very excited for Matt to go with! It makes life so much easier to have an extra set of hands when traveling with a toddler. I can only hope she is as good as she was last time!

We have a lot of things planned for this weekend, to include packing. BOOOOO! I really hate packing. I always pack too much because I get anxiety thinking I won't have what I need. Though I never pack more diapers and wipes than we will need on the plane because they are just too heavy to travel with. We are renting a car so will just make a stop when we get there. It makes life much easier to have a car and be able to go and do what you want on your own time :).

Yesterday Kinley and I went to the library for the first time. She had so much fun! She loves reading all day long so I knew she would have a blast! It has been very rainy here the past few days so the library was perfect! We spent time picking out some books to take home and playing with the toys they had. She loved the computers. Some of the pictures are blurry...she was on the move. You can tell at first she was a little unsure about entering the "children's" zone.

Later in the day The Little Gym had an open gym so off we went. With this being our last week of introductory classes we decided to take advantage of the open gym time. She loves running around and jumping on the spring board. With summer in full effect and lots of fun summer activities ahead we have decided to wait until the weather gets colder to enroll her. I don't want to have to plan our summer life around an indoor activity, though I might regret saying that when it's 100 degrees and humid as hell out :). We really want to get her in swim lessons, we just haven't found anything that works with our schedules yet.

We are getting some pictures done on Saturday (if the rain holds off) that I am really looking forward too. We didn't do 1 year pictures for Kinley since we did Christmas pictures 2 weeks before she turned a year. So I think doing 18 month pictures will be perfect. We love Lori Woodhouse Photography so they should turn out awesome!

Hope everyone enjoys your Friday! We are off to enjoy a fun filled family day.

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