Friday, February 7, 2014


Is everyone ready for the weekend?? We are over here! It's been a rough week. Kinley got her 2 month shots combined with no day time naps makes for a very cranky baby and a mom that has no hair at the end of the day. No seriously my hair is falling out so much! I have read this is normal after pregnancy but geez it's annoying! On a brighter note we got Kinley's Valentine pictures done this past weekend! Oh my are they cute!!

This girl just loves her daddy!! It's so adorable! He sure is in for it when she gets a little older :) 
We are traveling to Colorado on Tuesday! I have to be honest I'm a little nervous to fly with a 10 week old! I have started packing for her and let me tell you she needs her own suitcase with all the things she needs. Let's hope and pray sleeps the whole way or is at least happy!

I go back to work in 2 weeks and I am so very sad about it! It has been so nice being home and getting things done while watching Ellen and hanging out with Kinley. Though seriously I have gotten a few things done while at home. I have taken up making headbands for Kinley and her cute girl friends. So much fun and they are adorable! She might have 1 or 4 for every outfit :)

Well that's all for now friends! Hope everyone has a great weekend! I am very excited for the weekend as Daddy will be home to help share baby duties! Awww help with bedtime! Thank goodness!


  1. I traveled with Evelyn at 6 weeks old all by myself. It defiantly adds stress to the trip! But most babies do pretty well! And in case any one hasn't told you... make sure to feed the baby during take off! :)

    1. You are brave!! All alone! I am hoping and praying she does alright! I feel she has been so touch and go lately. I will definitely be feeding during take off and landing if possible. Bringing the Boppy...oh good! I would not have thought about that! Thanks! :)

  2. Oh I also wanted to recommend bringing your Boppy pillow on the plane to help hold the baby!! Well safe travels and good luck!