Monday, August 1, 2016

Breastfeeding Essentials

Happy National Breastfeeding Week. I can't believe Zander and I are almost 4 months into our breastfeeding journey. Things have gone smoother this time around. You can read about Kinley and I's journey here. We definitely had our challenges, though I am proud to say we made it 17.5 months!

There are a few items that I really contribute to successful breastfeeding.

1. Support System: Breastfeeding is time consuming. If I didn't have my amazing husband cheering me along or keeping Kinley occupied this go around I am not sure where my journey's would have ended up.

2. Water Bottle or Cup: You will always see me with a Starbucks cup! I love the cups they make with the smaller straws. I once read you drink more water out of a straw and I think that is true. I never go anywhere without my cup.

3. Nursing tanks: I love the nursing tanks from Target. I live in them. I always have one on underneath a shirt and sleep in them. They make breastfeeding much more convenient.

4. Boppy: I love our boppy! I used the one so much with Kinley I got another one for Zander because I felt it got flat from so much use. A definite favorite.

5. Teething Necklace: This is a new one for me. Even though Zander is only almost 4 months he has already become a fan of the teething necklaces, while breastfeeding and just to chew on.

6. Breast Pump: This time I have the pump in style that seems to really be working well for me. A good pump is crucial to me since I work full time and have to ensure I am pumping enough milk.

7. Milk Storage Bags: I have been using the babies r us brand since I received some of them as a gift, but I am a big fan of the up and up bags from Target.

8. Lanolin: This was a definite must have at the beginning. You will have sore nipples to start with but it gets better I promise! Though with Kinley I had 6 months of pain! I am not sure how we kept going.

What are some of your go to breastfeeding essentials?


  1. SNACKS!!! Lots and lots of snacks :) I was always STARVING while and after nursing and having pre-made snacks that I could grab on my way to sit down with the baby made all the difference. Oh, and water as well :)

    1. YES!!! Snacks are a must! I swear I was more hungry while nursing! My cup is always full of water! I swear right when they latch it triggers my thirst.