Thursday, August 11, 2016

Zander - 4 Months

Funny how last month I said things hadn't been too challenging yet. I should of known that was not a good thing to say because things have gotten more challenging, haven't I learned to not jinx things! Though not challenging like Kinley was but not as easy as they have been. We have entered the 4th leap and the 4 month sleep regression and I am feeling it.

He is still his smiley self but he has asserted his personality a little more this past month. He will let you know when he is done with something and just give you the biggest grin. I love that gummy smile! When he is awake he is always smiling or watching his sister. These two are going to be the bestest of friends.

Stats: I am dying to go to the dr to see what he weights. We have not been since 2 months and weighing him on our house scale isn't cutting it. I do think he is somewhere over 13 pounds and have no guesses on his height. Though we did have to move to 6 month pjs because the 3 months were getting too short. He is still wearing 3 month clothes for the most part with the occassional 6 month outfit. I am trying to hold off until the weather changes before I buy him new clothes.

Sleep: This month we are all over the charts with sleeping. He was sleeping 8-4 and that has changed with this wonderful sleep regression. He is now waking every 3 hours. It seems to be right on cue for 3 hours. His naps are all over the place as well; more often on the 30-45 min side. If I am home and able to help him he seems to go back to sleep for me and will get a good nap. Others are not successful with him going back to sleep. I am hoping once we get through this leap and this regression things will smooth out a little more and we will all get some more sleep. We did recently order the Dockatot and have been using that on occasion, though I am not sure it makes much of a difference to him. I will be doing a review soon on our thoughts. There will also be a coupon code so be on the lookout.  He is still swaddled and naps in his room in his crib, sometimes in the rock and play.  At night he is next to me in the pack and play. I am not sure when we will move him to his room for the night. I am not ready yet though. Especially with the frequent wake ups at night. The dockatot did allow me to watch the Olympics because I could not put him down that night.

Eating: Nothing really new to report on the eating side. He is still exclusively getting breastmilk. When I am home I nurse him and when I am working I pump and he takes a bottle. He does great with the bottle and has no issues. He will usually take 3-4oz every 3 hours. When breastfeeding he is eating about every 3 hours as well. I am still pumping every 3 hours at work which helps to keep my milk supply up and mimic what he is eating when I am away.

Play: He has really gotten more interactive within the last month. He grabs things hanging from his activity center and always gets them in his mouth. He loves playing peek a boo with Kinley and watching every move she makes. They are the sweetest together. He has laughed a few more times but still nothing consistent. I can't wait to hear those baby laughs all day every day. He loves playing on his play mat and occasionally will sit in his sit me up or the bumbo. His head control has improved a lot this month but he still has some work to do so I don't like him spending too much time in them. He continues to love his swing as well. He has gotten much better at tummy time and seems to enjoy it for longer periods of times. He loves to be in the ergo or Solly and watch everyone. I recently got a Tula and can not wait for him to be able to go in that one! He is constantly chewing on anything he can get into his mouth. I see toes going in the mouth in the near future.

I miss the newborn snuggles and the newborn coma, though this stage is pretty fun too, minus the lack of sleep. I know we will get through this and on to the next stage shortly. He is the sweetest boy and we could not imagine life without him. I love kissing those sweet cheeks.

Kinley loves him more than anything and almost always is willing to help him when he starts fussing. She was so excited she recently got him a Grover when she was with nanny and poppy. She is always thinking about him and his needs. Lets hope that doesn't change!

Happy 4 months dude!

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