Monday, February 16, 2015

Sickness and Bad News

Well we had a pretty crappy weekend and a not so good Monday. We all had the stomach flu and it's been going on for about 5 days now. I really don't wish that on anyone! But we are slowly on the mend! If only Kinley would eat a meal! I was so excited when she ate about 6 black beans and a pinch of cheese.

There is nothing worse than seeing your 15 month old throw up and then cry because she is so scared of what just happened. It's heartbreaking. Though I have to admit I did enjoy the snuggles all day Thursday and most of Friday.

I am just going to share a few snugly pictures because lets be honest our weekend wasn't so glorious!

On other note our nanny quit on us today! That makes #2! She has been with us for less than a month and hasn't even worked a full week due to all the snow we've had. I just can't wrap my head around it! We have been more than accommodating to her and her needs! Commitment was such a big deal when we interviewed! We were so picky! We said over and over how important being with us long term was. And we still got left to hang! I am just so sad in all of this! Because no one suffers more than Kinley. She is such an amazing child! Loves everyone right off the bat and already puts too much trust in them...she is my child :( !! Fault or strength? HMMMMM!! I'm thinking a fault right now. We are staying positive and will make the right decision for our family and will find someone that is right for us!

What do you working mamas do for child care? She is getting older now that maybe a we need to look at other options besides a nanny! Plus I do not want to go through this again. Two nannies in 6 months! I'm done!

On a positive note we have Kinley's 15 month check up on Thursday! I am super excited to see how much she has grown (though she has probably lost weight because she hasn't eaten in 4 days)! But she has learned so much in the last 3 months. It truly is amazing!

Last night I was telling yelling at the dog to sit "down" so I could feed him. Clear as day Kinley yells down!! It was so awesome! Matt and I immediately looked at each other like WOW!! It sure makes my heart melt to watch her grow every day!

Happy Tuesday everyone!! Hope this day is better!!


  1. What a rollercoaster ride of a week! First words are the best. Jaina said "hey" yesterday and loves to say "hi"

  2. sending love and hugs your way, having that nanny quit, the middle of you all being so sick, just makes it so much worse for you sorry.....that stomach bag is absolutely awful. on the other side of the coin, now that she is getting older, maybe just a daycare somewhere along your way to work?/ like a "Kinder-care" type place, not sure if you have that exact chain out there by you. She can learn socialization, sharing, and early pre-school education, which might help her when she does start school. so that might be a good thing, ... a blessing in disguise for you

    1. You are right! Thank you for the suggestions! We are looking at many options right now!