Saturday, February 28, 2015

15 Months

How is my little baby a toddler already! I love this age so much but I miss the baby days. It truly is amazing how fast it goes. I know people always say it goes so fast so enjoy it and they really aren't joking. I don't understand how each day passes so fast.

I haven't done an update for awhile since I took a break from blogging. The last update I did on Kinley was 8 months. Wow that seems like forever ago..tear.

She is weighing in at 20lbs 4oz (35% WHO), is 29.75 (22% WHO) inches tall and her head circumference is 17.52 inches (19% WHO). The percentages are different if you look at the CDC vs the WHO so I just pick one and go for it.  She is still a little pip squeak and I am not complaining at all. I love how petite she is with the Buddha belly. The doctor said she is growing perfectly and has no concerns with her. We agree :) She is finally in size 4 diapers and wearing 12-18 month clothes. She was loving the bubbles at the doctor's office yesterday.

Up until the last 2 weeks she has been really healthy. The poor girl cut a set of molars, got a cold and then the stomach flu. It has been rough but I think it is safe to say we are back to healthy and hoping not to see another sickness for a long time! She now has 10 teeth and I am sure she will cut the other two molars soon.

Sleep: We are finally sleeping through the night!! This happened around 12.5 months. Yes it took forever! I am not really sure what changed except I stopped going in immediately and waited to see if she would go back to sleep. Once she learned she could go to sleep on her own at night it made the middle of the night so much easier. But honestly one night she just stopped waking up to eat and I never fed her again if she woke up. I didn't want to take steps backwards again, though that seems to be our life when it comes to sleeping with her. She goes to bed around 7:00, sometimes closer to 7:30 depending on her naps throughout the day and gets up anywhere from 5:30-7:00. Naps still are hit or miss. She has taken a few 2 hour naps (yesterday being one of those days) and then other times they are 30-40 minutes. On most days she is still napping twice a day. We keep a blanket, her bla bla doll, Wooly, and about 10 binks in her crib. Yes I am not kidding about the 10 binks. All her binks stay in her room so we leave them all in her crib. She seems to like to hold one or three while she is sleeping. Most nights I don't get to put her blanket on her since I put her in awake and she isn't laying down. I always feel bad that she might get cold but she doesn't seem to like anything touching her when she is sleeping. She is just so precious when she sleeps!

Eating: I am not sure where my good eater went to. Lately she has been so picky and not eating very much. She never has been a huge eater but I feel it has gotten worse. The dr isn't concerned since she is still gaining weight. She said she will eat when she is hungry and to not stress about it. We have always fed her what we eat but on some nights I find myself making noodles just so I know she will eat something. She loves fruit and most veggies. Meats seem to be the hardest to get in her. Cheese is also a favorite. She is drinking whole milk and still nurses in the morning and before bed. I was thinking we were going to stop nursing back at eight months because she was not interested but I guess that was a phase. She is constantly asking to nurse. I am not sure when we will stop but I will know when it is right for both of us. I stopped pumping after she turned 13 months and let me tell you how amazing it is to NOT pump! I would never have done it differently but it sure is awesome to not have to pump! I still have some frozen milk in the freezer for emergencies. Thank goodness I had it when she had the flu. It was all she ate for 4 days! She ate puffs for dinner last night! What a great dinner huh :) We do find she will eat better if we let her run around the house while she eats. Some nights it is what it is and we do whatever we can go get some food in her.

Play: I love playing with her! I have always said this is my favorite age. She started walking around Halloween (11 months) and started running shortly after. She will occasionally crawl at times which is really funny to watch. But she is up and running from the second she gets up in the morning. She is quite the drama queen at times. She of course likes to throw fits like any other 15 month old but it really is silly. She walks to the wall and faces it and cries. Oh girl!! She is something. Back to her play. She is so full of energy. She LOVES reading books and can't get enough. She also loves playing with her vacuum, chasing the dog or cat with it. She thinks that is hilarious! She really loves any play that involves the dog or cat. She loves her animals. She is very good at independent play and is so creative in her kitchen. That was the best Christmas present ever! Thank you Santa! We got to play at the park the other day which was so much fun! Come on spring!! She has started saying random words but it is only on her terms. Why would I think she would speak if I asked her too! I should've learned by now that this girl does EVERYTHING on her terms! Has since the day she was conceived.  She loves to brush her teeth too! On her terms of course! She has so many new skills and learns new ones every day! It is so amazing to watch her learn things every single day!

I can't believe our little baby is already 15 months and technically a toddler.

Not on topic of Kinley turning 15 months...but Matt and I have a very important decision to make. Please think of us and wish us the best in making the decision.

Happy Friday!!

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