Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Goodbye Colorado

Up early this morning! Kinley got up at 4 to eat so I pumped after then gathered our things to head to the airport. I'm not sure how I'm wide awake since I didn't sleep one bit last night. Lots of things going through my head. More on that later. Starbucks and a blueberry muffin before 530 check! Breastfeeding through the night makes for one starving mamma when I get up. 

Sorry for the bad picture. Sitting in the car plus it being dark out still doesn't make for good pictures! 

hate more than anything saying goodbye to my sister and nephew! It never gets easier! I miss them so much. The distance is hard on all of us! Though I am thankful for the quality time we all got to spend together. Hopefully it won't be long before I see then again! Goodbye Colorado! We will miss you! 

go back to work on Monday and I'm kind of freaking out about it :(. Hence why I haven't been sleeping well. I'm so so sad about leaving Kinley. Though she will be home with daddy for 95% of the day it's not making it any easier. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to sleep all week. His mom will watch her for about 30 mins before I get home but still she's not with me! So very sad! Matt works nights so it works but we will miss him for bedtime stories. If anyone has any tips on making the transition back to work easier please share! 

Yesterday we went to build a bear and my sister made Kinley her first bear. So adorable and she loves it. 



I also need to share I found someone to donate my pumped breast milk too through Human Milk 4 Human Babies. I was so excited and it felt great to help another mamma and baby out! I had to keep pumping while we where in Colorado and I did not want to just toss all that liquid gold! It was very easy. I just posted on their Facebook page that I had milk to donate and would meet someone for the drop off. Someone replied and I gave them milk. Woo hoo!! 51 ounces of liquid gold to help another baby! 

Well off for airport fun...NOT!!! See you all back in Virginia Beach. We have a long day of flying! Let's hope Kinley does as well this time! Wish us luck! 


  1. I hope the flying goes well! I am sure it well :)

    She is such a doll!

  2. Thanks Annette!! Luckily the flying went well except for them almost losing my car seat!

    Can you tell me how to make my signature say "Katie @thebrooksielife" in the comment section?