Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Our Current Situation...Send Wine

Wow things have been crazy lately. We have been so busy with so much going on I wanted to share a brief update. I am sure this won't even include everything that has been going on because my brain is all over the place.

Matt and I got a day date a few weeks ago and had a blast. We were going to go see Hidden Figures but there were only front row seating left when we got there so we decided the brewery was a better option anyways. We will try again for the movie another time, hoping for another day date soon!

We had to find a new daycare provider for the kids. My work schedule changed and we needed full time care and our provider was not able to watch the kids full time. Finding new child care is awful! I hate the process but I think we have found someone great and am very excited for her to become a part of our family. I was a nanny for many years so having a nanny is something special to me.

On that note we might be finding a new preschool for Kinley next year. Her school is only offering Monday - Friday for the 3's class and we know we do not want to send her full time all day long. We are so torn on what to do because we don't want her to have to go through the transition again, it was tough on her and she still has days she struggles.

I have been pumping for 10 months and can not wait to be done! Not done breastfeeding but done pumping! I do not respond well to the pump and feel so frustrated after a pumping session. I will probably stop somewhere after a year but we will continue to breastfeed until who knows when. I breastfed Kinley until she was about 17.5 months when my work schedule changed so it gave us a good time to wean. I had quite the journey with her.

Kinely is sooooo full of sass and attitude! I was 100% expecting 3 to be worse than 2 and it most definitely has been. She is testing boundaries and says the sassiest things. Where do they get these things from? Do not let that sweet face fool you! She has been pretty rotten if I am being honest. On a happier note with her she has been in swim lessons for almost 3 months and she is doing great and loves it.

We have been trying to get Zander to sleep better at night, we have transitioned out of the Dockatot and working on lessening his night wake ups. He really still needs the ounces with his night feeding so I don't mind keeping it for a little longer, I would just like him to go back to sleep faster after. He is cutting about 4 teeth right now so things have been tough. I know eventually it will get better and really each day flies by so I am trying to not stress about things. Though I am tired.

I know that picture of them is blurry but it is too cute not to share. That is all I can think about for right now! Happy Hump day to everyone! This is my first week working 5 days in a row in awhile and I am not excited for it! Hoping these next few days fly by.

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