Saturday, January 21, 2017

Weekend Vibes with Some Random Thoughts

Yay for the weekend! A few random thoughts for you on this Saturday!

1. We are getting our house cleaned by a professional cleaning company this week and I can not tell you how excited I am. It was actually a groupon we bought months ago for our townhouse and they had to reschedule and we ended up running out of time to use it. So guess what; I get to use it for our house....WOO HOO.

2. Finding new child care SUCKS! There really isn't a good way to put it. We are currently looking at getting a nanny and I am praying that it works out better than it did when Kinley was little! We are also preschool shopping again which is awful too! Kinley's school is only going to offer Monday - Friday next year and we are not ready for her to go all day every day!

3.My schedule at work will be changing in a few weeks and it is truly going to be bittersweet but I think will work out so much better for our family. I will be home for dinner and bedtime in the evenings and off on weekends. Sometimes it is really hard balancing it all and being a working mom. I am trying to embrace it but some days it just makes me sad!

4. The weather has been hit or miss the past week or so but when it is a hit we are soaking up all the fresh air possible. There is something to be said about getting some fresh air!

5. I have decided on Zander's first birthday and am SOOOOO excited for it! Now if my family could just fly out and join us!

6. Some people are so draining and will constantly be that way! Surround yourself with positive people and positive energy.

7. Why do the weekends go so fast!!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! We have a busy rest of the day and super busy Sunday! Happy Weekend!

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