Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Weekend Recap with an Exciting Giveaway Coming

Back to work after having 4 days off is tough! I took Saturday off to spend time with my family and let me tell you how awesome it was to have a Saturday off!

Our weekend started Thursday when we headed up to Great Wolf Lodge for a night away. It is only about an hour and a half from us so not too bad of a drive. Of course Kinley would start to cut a tooth the night before we were leaving. It never fails! She had a terrible night Wednesday night and we were up a lot. I am so thankful this is the last molar for her. They really take a toll on her. She had a low grade fever for a few days, snot nose and a cough. The tooth has finally cut now to get rid of the cough. She has been cutting these 4 molars since Christmas.

We had a blast at Great Wolf Lodge even though she was a little cranky. I will say that place is a lot for a 2 year old. There are so many bigger kids running around you really have to pay attention so the little ones do not get trampled on. At one point they were blowing bubbles out in the lobby and we had to lift Kinley on our shoulders just so she would touch a few bubbles :). I know the older kids love to run the show but when you are the parent of a toddler you want them to enjoy too. Sometimes the older kids just get in the way and have no manners! It drives me nuts.

We enjoyed the water park for a few hours but I didn't really get any pictures because I didn't want to chance dropping my phone in the water. Kinley loved the water slides and splashing in the wave pool. She is definitely a water baby!

We also got to go to the outlets for a little to get a few things. Of course I didn't find anything for myself but Matt and Kinley got some goodies!

Saturday the weather was gorgeous and guess what...I was off! It was amazing! We took Kinley to the park and enjoyed the day as a family. We also got our grocery shopping out of the way and I ran to Target for a few things. I was able to find Kinley some more summer clothes and finish off her Easter basket. Target dollar bins for the win again! They never disappoint.

Daylight savings kicked our butt and Kinley tried to get up early but I was able to keep her in bed and we actually didn't get up until 9AM. Butttt that was after a rough night! So it was much needed. I think I am giving up on sleep for the rest of this pregnancy. It is so hard to get comfortable for a long period of time. We went to the park again and did some cleaning around the house. Sunday afternoon Kinley had Easter pics then we hung out with Matt's parents and enjoyed some frozen yogurt after dinner.


Here is a sneak peak of her Easter pics. If you follow me on IG you can see a few more! I will post the rest later in the week. 

It was a great weekend and we got a lot accomplished and some quality family time in! Next week I will be hosting a giveaway from Freshly Picked Moccs. I am so excited! You won't want to miss it! 


  1. Oh my goodness, could you have a more perfect family?! This looks like such a fun trip, and I love the adorable pictures of Kinley. For some reason, daylight savings had no bearing on my little one's sleep; it actually helped it!

    1. Thank you so much Lindsay!!! We had a great time!