Monday, September 12, 2016

Zander - 5 Months

I am a little late on this update. Time is a thief and it just flies. Though I will say I am very happy to be out of the 4th leap and maybe, just maybe done with the 4 month sleep regression.

Zander has had a lot of changes this past month and continues to change and learn new things daily. This age is truly amazing to watch them absorb everything around them.

Stats: When we went for his 4 month appointment he weighed in at 13lbs 1oz and was almost 26" long. We go back again at 6 months. I did weigh him on our scale the other day and he was 15lbs! Holy moly! I love looking at Kinley's growth compared to his. It is so interesting to me. She was such a little pip squeak. He is wearing almost all 6 month clothes with the random 3 month onesie thrown in. I can't get myself to pack those up yet. I did have a 9 month onesie on him the other day and it wasn't too big. Tears! He is still in size 2 diapers and I think we will stay there for a few more months.

Sleep: I don't even know where to start with this. Like last month it has been all over the place. I do think we are getting back to where we were but that has only been the past week or so. He is still having 2 wake ups and the times are not consistent at all. Usually around 11 and then again at 3. If he doesn't have to go to daycare he usually sleeps until 8ish. If he has to go to daycare I have to wake him up to leave the house by 6:50am. I hate waking that sweet boy. He really loves his sleep. We are still using the dockatot but he has really started sleeping on his side and on a few occasions has rolled to his tummy. Soooo with that being said we are trying to transition out of the swaddle. It has been a little bit of a struggle. He likes to sleep on his tummy but I think is still trying to figure it all out. So many changes. Plus he is either teething or getting a cold so that is making things more challenging. He is napping in his room in his crib still and starts in his room at night. After his first wake up I move him to our room. If I start to see a little more consistency with his wake ups I will keep him in his room for the night, but with it being all over the place it makes it easier to have him next to the bed.

Eat: Zander is still exclusively breastfed. I am pumping 3 times during the day at work. Maybe in a few months I will go down to 2 times but right now I am going to stick with 3 even though I hate pumping. This month we increased his bottles to 4oz. He doesn't always finish them but my hopes is if he eats more during the day maybe we can get rid of one of the wake ups. Depending on when he ate last he gets 3-4 bottles while I am working. We don't do any bottles when I am off. He eats every 3-4 hours. We haven't started any solids yet and won't until he is at least 6 months and sitting unassisted as well as showing all signs of readiness.

Play: He LOVES his jumperoo. He gets in that thing and bounces away. He is still enjoying his play mat and continues to grab at the toys hanging. He really tries to pull himself up. He doesn't stay on his tummy long, he rolls right to his back. He has not rolled from his back to his tummy yet but gets his legs swinging and rocking and gets to his side. I am sure he will be going that way in no time. He is getting closer to sitting on his own but still needs help and we are in no rush for him to start moving anywhere yet. Totally fine with me. Kinley started crawling at 7 months. He has found his toes and doesn't stop reaching for them. It makes for LONG nursing sessions. He is so busy and so curious about what is going on around him. He has started laughing more consistently and I can't get enough. I am always trying to make him laugh. He gets the biggest grin on his face when Kinley talks or plays with him.

I think we are teething or something really close to that. The drool is out of control and everything goes in his mouth. His favorite is his fist, and he shoves the entire fist in his mouth. We used an amber necklace with Kinley and we are going to give it a go this time too. If nothing else I do think it helps with the drool.

This age has been lots of fun, besides all the wake ups at night. We will get there eventually right. I will keep telling myself that. I love watching him learn new things and accomplish different milestones. I really can not believe this little boy has been with us for over 5 months now! I think it is safe to say he is pretty happy about that! We love him to the moon and back and so blessed!

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