Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Summer Bucket List

Now that the warmer weather is here I have started to think about some things I really want to do this summer. It is hard to fit things in working full time but we always make time. I love summer, but most days are too hot for little ones here in VA Beach so we get out early! What is on your list for summer?

15 Things to do this Summer

1. Get to the beach. You would think living at the beach we would go frequently, but not so much. It is quite the feat to get to the beach, especially with two.

2. Get frozen yogurt

3. Go to the aquarium

4. Have a water balloon fight

5. Go swimming

6. Watch fireworks

7. Go to the Splash Pad

8. Have a cookout

9. Go on a bike ride

10. Have a picnic

11. Go to the waterpark

12. Go on a date

13. Go to a baseball game

14. Make homemade ice cream

15. Play in the sprinklers

Now to get out and start making memories. I have to say I have the best crew to make these memories with. What is on your summer bucket list?

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