Sunday, November 20, 2016

Zander - 7 Months

This is a little late but wanted to get it done before he was 8 months. The life of a second child. It is so different and so much harder to find the time to get things done. I feel like these months are just flowing together and they get away from me so fast.

Zander has changed so much this month and has mastered a few skills.

Stats: He didn't have a 7 month dr. visit but he did get his 2nd flu booster so they did weigh him. He had his clothes on but that can't add too much though I know it does add some. He was 16lbs 15oz. He was 15lbs 9oz at his 6 month check up so I am guessing he gained a pound in a month. That is pretty good in my opinion! He is wearing some 6 month clothes and a lot of 9 month clothes and still in size 2 diapers. I was hoping the 9 month clothes were going to get us through the winter but I am thinking that is not going to happen. We are going to need to get some 12 month clothes!

Sleep: I am not even sure how to update on this. I think things are still the same. He has good nights and bad nights. He is usually up twice to eat and up by 6:00am for the day. We have transitioned out of the swaddle to the zipadeezip. It is a little big on him and the transition has been tough but we are still going with it. He is full on rolling all over the place so we had to get rid of the swaddle, even though my husband would swaddle him forever if he could. He still naps and sleeps in his room all night.

Eat: We started to introduce solids this month. He was a little unsure at the beginning and really didn't care much for it. As we got closer to the end of the month he was really liking it. We are following baby led weaning for the most part and not doing purees. He loves yogurt and I do spoon feed him that, but everything else I put on his tray and let him feed himself. He is getting 3-4 4oz bottles while I am at work depending on when he ate last. He has started to blow spit bubbles and loves to blow bubbles while I am nursing him or he is eating his bottle. He thinks it is quite hilarious, me not so much. I still pump at work with the occasional pump at home if I need to make up ounces that I didn't pump while working.

Play: He has taken play to a whole new level this month. He started rolling all over the house. You definitely can not put him in one spot and expect him to stay. He has made his way under the table a handful of times. He has started to sit unassisted and has really gotten good at it this month. He still loves his sister and laughs at her when she plays peek a boo with him. He is still a big fan of his toes and tries to get them in his mouth any chance he gets. He loves swinging at the park or in the backyard and watching the dog run around.

Kinley and him had a great Halloween and they were the cutest Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. He also had his first trip to Colorado and met his cousin Connor for the first time. I wish we were closer to them, it is hard being away from my family. He has really started laughing a lot this month and it is the best sound! I love hearing baby giggles. He is the sweetest boy and I really couldn't image life without him.

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