Friday, June 10, 2016

Beach Trip

Let's start by saying Matt hates the beach and I love the beach so he will only go occasionally with me. Alie was in town so the beach was a must! Kinley loves the beach too so he agreed to go with. We really had a great time so I was glad he came with.

When you are going to the beach with a toddler and a baby you need to pack a lot of things; sand toys, an umbrella, clothes, snacks, more snacks and everything else for the beach. It is a process to get out of the house for a 2-3 hour beach trip. It is a good thing memories out weight the pain in the ass it takes to get out of the house.

Alie got up early and went to watch the sunrise. I thought about going with her but getting up at 430am was not happening for me right now since Zander and I still get up throughout the night. She got an amazing picture though. Matt and the kiddos and I met her down there early morning.

We all had a blast running around jumping waves. There is also a park right on the beach Kinley likes to play at too. We have a decent size beach umbrella so Zander hung out in the shade while Matt and I switched off with Kinley.

We had such a great time and I can't wait for a few more beach trips this summer!

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  1. Looks like you all had a great time at the beach, lovely pics! The kiddos seem to be enjoying themselves and the sunset is so well captured :)
    xx, Kusum |