Saturday, May 23, 2015

Surprise Birthday & Bridal Shower

With my new schedule I was able to switch some shifts and go out to Colorado to surprise my sister for her birthday and her bridal shower. It's been difficult not being involved as much as I want with us  being so far away. So I did my best to get there when my step mom said she wanted to surprise her. Of course I took Kinley. She was so awesome and did great the entire trip! I know everyone enjoyed some much needed time with her. Maybe me too.

We got in Friday mid morning and got stuck in some major traffic. Kinley and I were starving. We were able to grab some lunch and stop by the salon to see my sister. When we got to my step moms there were a ton of deer in the drive way. It was so cool!

We had a big dinner party planned at my dads and Darlene's for her birthday later that evening. Darlene made fajitas which are my favorite (there's quite the funny story behind the first time I met Darlene and she made fajitas). Dinner was yummy and it was great to visit with family. I was beat by 9:30 after traveling with a toddler alone and still being on east coast time. We got up at 2am Colorado time....eeekkk

Saturday was packed full of fun watching my nephew play baseball. He was in a tournament all weekend so we watched a few games. I really enjoyed it! It's been years since I've seen him play baseball and he has gotten so much good. We dean a few last minute errands to prepare for the shower then my mom made dinner for everyone! Another yummy dinner and great company, 

Sunday we watched some more baseball then off to the bridal shower we went. The weather was absolutely gorgeous! I was quite surprised because when I looked at the forecast it was forecasted to rain all weekend. I was happily surprised with the beautiful sunshine.

The bridal shower was awesome but we missed the last bridesmaid, my other sister Alie, she couldn't get off work! A big thanks to Crystal and Amber for putting together such a great shower. I did what I could being long distance and everything worked out great! After the shower I enjoyed the last evening talking with my mom and dad while Kinley played with her cousin on the floor. She really was loving him! It was great watching them interact and her enjoying some cousin time. 

Monday morning came fast after no sleep due to my nephews rat keeping me up all night! Man I wanted to kill that thing lol. Didn't Brutus understand I was flying with a toddler all day the next day! I guess not lol! 

My sister took us to the airport and we said our goodbyes! I hate saying goodbye. But it was good to know we'd be back in 3 weeks and see her again. Being so far away from your best friend is hard! 

Our flights weren't too bad and Kinley did awesome again! Puke and all! Poor girl puked all over me as we were coming into Charlotte. She was so sad I had puke all over my shirt. She's such a sweet thing! I had to keep reassuring her I was ok and as soon as we stopped I would change my shirt. The joys of motherhood ☺️. We finally landed in Newport News and saw daddy! She was so excited! Then we sat in traffic for 2.5 hours and at that point no one was a happy camper! It was brutal. We were hungry and wanted to get home! 

We finally made it home and scarfed down some Wendy's, played for a few and the girl was off to bed! We were beat! I can't even remember the last time I ate fast food but let me tell you it was so yummy because I was starving!! Matt and I were able to catch up for a few and watch an episode of Teen Mom. Yes I love that show! It was back to work in the morning! We had such a great time and are very excited to go back in a few weeks for the wedding! Even better daddy gets to come too this time! 

I just love this picture of how Kinley is looking at her cousin. It is precious. Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend! 

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