Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sharing Some News....

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I really have been meaning to share our weekend with you all but things have just gotten so busy I haven't had a chance! I am sorry! I'll start with a brief weekend update and share some pictures, because lets be honest I am sure some of you just come for the pictures :). That's ok! I love you all!

We had a pretty intense weekend! We have a lot of changes coming up (I will share more in a few) so Matt and I had some things to discuss. That called for a date night!! My in laws are so great to have kept Kinley for us. My mother in law fell at our house Friday night and come to find out she broke her fibula! We feel awful! She insisted we still bring Kinley to her as that was the medicine the doctor ordered. It is pretty impossible to argue with them so kept our plans and brought them Kinley. She had a blast and so did they!

This picture is a little blurry but it really captures her attitude...sassy!!

We have had Cheesecake Factory gift cards since Christmas so it was about time we use them! It is my favorite place to eat and I love having cheesecake for 3 days. Those pieces are huge!

Cheesecake Factory was packed but luckily we grabbed a seat in the bar area and enjoyed our dinner! We both tried new dishes and they were so yummy!!! We enjoyed a drink together and some adult conversation. We went to pick up Kinley, came home gave her a bath and put her to bed. Then continued our date night with some wine and Mockingjay Part I. I was so excited for it to finally be at red box.

Sunday we ran some errands and took Kinley to the park. It was so beautiful out! I really hope Spring is here to stay!

I truly believe when one door closes another one opens!

Monday came and I was dreading it. There was a lot weighing on my shoulders. After countless conversations on daycare options for Kinley we decided an in home was best. Monday was her first day and I was a wreck. Well.....she did awesome! I got many smiley pictures and when I went to pick her up she was happy as a clam. My heart could not have been happier. Tuesday she did awesome again, not wanting to go home! She kept giving Elizabeth hugs and blowing kisses to everyone. She even napped there! WOW that was a shocker! Matt and I are so so happy with the decision we made and know she will continue to thrive where she is. We will see what the rest of the week brings!

And for some bigger news!! I was offered a new job! I interviewed not long ago and was offered the job the next day. This is a huge opportunity for our family. It is so scary to step outside your box and do something different. It would have been so much easier to stay where I am and pass on the offer. Matt and I decided we need to take the leap and go for it. We know it will be a HUGE adjustment and there will be obstacles along the way but we also know we will over come them and it will make our family better. I start March 23rd so I had to give my notice on Monday. I was nervous, sad, overwhelmed, happy, anxious along with many other emotions. I am still feeling all those ways. This was a really tough decision but Matt and I think it is best so we are going with it! Wish us luck! I hope this opens many more doors for us!

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