Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cookie Making Fun

We finally got a bunch of snow in Virginia Beach this past week. A bunch to us that live at the beach anyway. Schools are still shut down after closing Monday night. I had to go back to work on Wednesday which was a bummer but the bills have to be paid.

I love spending days home with my monkey making memories. Temperatures have been so freezing that going outside is near impossible. We dressed her in what we had to go get some pictures but then back inside we went. We had built a tower 23476 ways and have read every book on her book shelf over and over. 

She wasn't too thrilled with the picture taking. It was so icy out she didn't even leave footprints in the snow. Maybe next time we will actually get to play in it. 

So what was next on the agenda? Baking cookies of course.
We had so much fun I am ready to do it again. I was anticipating a big mess but to my surprise she was very careful in the dough. She doesn’t like things on her hands so she didn’t get too messyand didn’t touch much besides the chocolate chips. Perfect for me! She discovered she loves chocolate chips and would’ve eaten the whole bag probably if I let her. She was so excited when I asked her to put the chocolate chips in the bowl. One for the bowl one for her mouth J. If you follow me on IG you saw the video. Too cute! 

 I was skimming Pinterest for an easy recipe and found this one. Super easy and very yummy. I did bake them longer, more like 12-15 minutes, which seemed to be perfect! 

Does anyone have any easy and yummy recipes they would like to share?

Hope everyone is staying warm out there. It is so cold here and going to be worse today then warm up this weekend. My mom comes this weekend!! I am so excited!

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