Thursday, April 17, 2014

Too Much Cuteness

I don't even know where to start things have been so busy. Working full time, being a wife and a full time mama is a lot of work! There have been lots of thoughts running through my head lately that I have been attempting to sort out. It's been a long process! We have been having some issues with Kinley and shocker her sleep! We are pretty sure we are dealing with reflux and heartburn so we are also trying to sort that out so the little miss isn't in pain. I'm really not good with all this trial and error stuff. We went back to the doctor yesterday and she is gaining a little weight! She is still on the smaller side at 13lbs 4oz. Thankfully!! We are going to start a new medication because the Zantac was not working. The dr also suggested we start oatmeal to help with her reflux. I was very hesitant to start any type of solids before she was 6 months (we are approaching 5 months on the 27th), though I trust her dr 100% and want to do what is best for her.

We did some Easter pictures this past weekend so I wanted to share a few. She is such a serious baby it is hard to get a smile on camera. I swear the second she sees my phone she stops smiling. Serious or not she is the cutest baby out there :)

Hope everyone has a great Friday! I am super excited for next weekend! My sister and nephew are coming to visit us from Colorado! Can't wait!


  1. Katie I love reading your blogs. You have a beautiful baby girl. Keep your chin up. Things will get better. My daughter had really bad reflux and spent the 1st 6 months sleeping in her swing. It is def a trial and error situation. She out grew it and has been an awesome sleeper since.
    My kids are already 2 1/2 and 5 1/2. Your blogs bring me back to such great memories. Enjoy your baby girl. I can tell you are a great mommy.

    1. Thanks dawn! We are going on 5 months in the rock n play! Poor girls! We will get there! Just want her comfortable right now!