Tuesday, April 28, 2015

45 Minute Intruder

Oh how I hate the 45 minute intruder! Let me explain! Babies sleep cycles are different than ours and transition every 40-45 minutes to the next sleep cycle. Some babies transition fine others wake up and have a difficult time. Of course Kinley wakes up! EVERY time right at the 40-45 minute mark. You could set a timer. This makes naps and going to bed very difficult!! She always wants to get up after 45 minutes but clearly is not ready to get up 95% of the time. Matt and I try so hard trying to get her to go back to sleep, by giving her the bink or rocking her at times. We aren't successful very often. This leads to her being over tired and struggling at nap time which leads to struggles at bed time. I'm putting this out there because this has been something we've been dealing with for months! And it's hard! I'm really unsure of anything else we can do at this point.

I'm open to any suggestions and would love to hear others moms opinions! I also want other moms to know the 45 minute intruder is real and to know you are not alone if you are dealing with this! 

Any suggestions or thoughts are more than welcome! 

Of course no post is complete without a few pictures of my love bug. 

Hey mama!

Aww sweet I can hold things now!

Love my Sophie!

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