Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Easy Snow Cream Recipe

Virginia doesn't see much snow throughout the year so when we do it is very exciting! The bad thing about us getting snow is it usually turns into ice and it super dangerous.

It snowed on Saturday and we are going on day 2 of schools being closed, day 3 tomorrow! The main roads are fine but the neighborhoods and side streets are a sheet of ice.

It was really cold, like in the 20's so the outside play time is quite limited with little kids. Kinley did get out a few times and Zander got out long enough for me to get a few pictures. It will be fun when the kids are old enough to go sledding or stay outside longer than it takes to bundle them up :).

Since we didn't get a lot of outside time and we were stuck inside for almost 3 days we had to be creative with things to do. You know Kinley loves ice cream; so we made snow cream! It was a huge hit and pretty tasty. Super easy to make!

Snow Cream Recipe

1 can of condensed milk (if you don't have condensed milk you can use sugar and milk: 1 cup milk and a 1/2 cup of sugar)

6-8 cups of snow (enough to get it to an ice cream consistency)

1 tsp of vanilla

Mix the vanilla with the condensed milk in a bowl. Once mixed together stir in snow until you get to an ice cream consistency. 

Add your favorite toppings and eat!


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