Thursday, April 21, 2016

Kinley Meets Zander

I was so excited for this moment. I missed her so much! We had done what we could to prepare her for having a brother. We knew this was going to be a really big change for her as well as us. I was pretty emotional towards the end about her not being the only child anymore. She's my forever baby. Of course I love both of them so very much and couldn't imagine life without either one of them, but there really is nothing like the love of your first born.

We knew Matt's parents would keep Kinley when we went to the hospital and she would stay with them until we came home. Kinley had never spent the night somewhere else; so needless to say I was very worried about our first night away. We had a trial sleepover planned with his parents for the Saturday after I had Zander. Go figure. I thought 2 weeks before his due date would give me enough time but little Mr. had other plans.

Matt's mom took Kinley as we were leaving for the hospital so we got to say goodbye and tell her we were going to have her brother. People ask did she understand. I am sure she did a little but let's be honest that concept is pretty hard for a 2 year old to grasp. She did awesome with her nanny and poppy though. She really struggles with sleep so I was worried. She didn't sleep through the night there either but they made it work and we all survived.

Zander was born Wednesday evening so it was too late for Kinley to come up that night. After we got up and showered on Thursday Matt went to pick her up so she could meet her brother.

She was so very excited. She kept telling me she was the best big sister ever. You can see the video on IG. She wanted to hold him and then 5 seconds later she was done. That was on repeat while she visited in the hospital. I think she was a little confused but overall did so well. Matt's parents came up to meet Zander then took Kinley with them when they left. I was so sad to watch her leave. Thankfully she went and and was happy because I would've had a major meltdown if she didn't want to go with them.

I will always treasure the moment they met. It was so special and I look forward to Kinley and Zander sharing many more special moments together.


  1. This is far too precious! I can't wait to have another child and have Caleb meet him or her! <3

    1. Thank you so much! It's such a special moment! Definitely soak it up when it happens :)