Monday, March 16, 2015

Our Weekend...A Day Late

I was off yesterday because I had a few doctor's appointments so I got to enjoy a long weekend! We had a pretty mellow weekend and got lots of outside time because the weather was gorgeous..for the most part! It rained all day Saturday so we got our inside things done and then spent pretty much all of Sunday and Monday outside. I am so ready for spring! My birthday is in a week so I hope this beautiful weather stays!

We went to Sams Club on Saturday and had to walk around a few times because Kinley was very happy eating all the samples! It was so cute! Of course she couldn't get the strawberries in her mouth fast enough. We also played at the park and she went down the slide by herself. She loved it! Check out the video on IG.

She was pretty excited to help daddy vacuum the floors. She even asked for her own rag to dust the tables! Teaching her early we are :). She has started this new thing of laying on the floor while working on her puzzles or reading her books. She looks so grown it is kinda sad! I can't believe how fast she has grown up. It truly is amazing! 

Well now that my weekend is officially over it is back to reality tomorrow. This is my last week at my job and then it is on to new adventures. I am pretty nervous but am trying to take one day at a time. It will definitely be an adjustment but we will all get through it! 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Hope you all are wearing your green today! 

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