Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Day in the Life of a Working Mama

Well Ive been back at work a month now so I thought I would write a post on being a working mama! It was very hard to go back and I miss Kinley so much during the day. It's been tough to be up 2-3 times in the night and still function at work and then at home with her in the evening. But we are making do and I am loving every minute of it. It's a long day but nothing a cup or two of coffee doesn't get me through.

6:15am - Get up and shower as quietly as possible. She is still in our room right now and I swear she hears everything and wants to get up with mama. There have been many mornings I push snooze until 6:30 but I try to get up at 6:15.

6:35 am - Tip toe out of our room and go down stairs to dry and straighten my hair. Hook up the pump because I won't get to pump again until 10:00 and that makes for some sore boobs! Put on some makeup as I hear Matt and Kinley get up.

7:03 am - Change Kinley and enjoy her smiley face. I am amazed at how smiley this girl is in the morning despite being up so often and not sleeping very late. She is one happy girl. Seeing her smiles in the morning makes it all worth getting up in the middle of the night. Feed her and enjoy the last little bit I get with her before going to work.

7:34 am - Throw together some lunch, usually dinner from the night before. Pack up the bottles I need for pumping and all the pump parts. I carry so many bags to work they make fun of me. One day I forgot half my pump parts at home and had to come back and get them. Good thing I work only 7 minutes away.

7:47 am - Brew coffee. This is a MUST! I have come to love coffee even more since becoming a mommy. I don't have more than 2 cups a day but I love it! I find myself going to bed thinking about my coffee the next morning.

7:50 am - Soak up some last minute snuggles with my love bug before heading out the door for work.  Kiss Matt and the girl and I'm off.

8:05 am - Check emails and get ready for the day. The mornings are crazy busy at work and my 10:30 pumping session comes fast.

10:36 am - Pack up my bags and off to pump. I pump for 20 minutes looking through pictures of Kinley.

12:00 pm - Lunch! I am thankful we have lunch built into our day or I don't think I would ever get a chance to eat. I try to snack throughout the day because I want to make sure I am getting enough calories while breastfeeding.

2:30 pm - Off to pump again for 20 minutes while enjoying the pictures Matt sends me throughout the days. Sometimes I even get videos and I love them so much!

4:00 pm - I am out the door and headed home to see my baby girl!

4:15 - 6:00 pm - Sometimes I try to get her down for a small nap depending on how her day went. If she doesn't go down, which is about 90% of the time we play and go for walks.

6:02 pm - Start dinner while talking to Kinley. She loves being in her bouncy seat watching me make dinner.

7:00 pm - Bedtime routine starts with a bath. Kinley loves the bath and I think could stay in the water forever. It is such a great time with her smiling and talking. After bath we do lotion and pjs. Mood depending on story time. She eats and then I put her in the rock and play. She usually falls right asleep until..

7:56 pm - 45 minutes later she is up. Happens every time she goes down. This 45minute intruder is killer and the struggle starts to get her back to sleep for the night. This is anywhere from a 1-2 hour battle. By that time I am beat and ready for bed myself.

10:04 pm - Brush my teeth and get into bed. I know she will be up soon to eat again. We are experiencing 4 month sleep regression and she is up every 3-4 hours now.

12:10 am - Kinley is up to eat. I feed her and put her right back down.

3:17 am - Up to eat again. This is definitely taking a toll on me. She usually goes right back down but there have been a few nights where she doesn't and we are up until 5 or 530.

4:03 am - Back to sleep for a few hours until it starts all over again.

I love my baby girl so so much but I am really looking forward to getting more than 3-4 hours of sleep at a time.

Happy Hump Day!!

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