Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weekend Highlights

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend. We did. Nothing too exciting over here but sad to see the weekend gone again. They always go way too fast! Let's chat about our weekend.

My hubby brought me home some pretty roses for no reason. That sure was sweet! I love roses but they usually die pretty fast.

Friday night I hung out with my favorite monkey while daddy worked. Some time in the future we will have some nights off together. This little girl is so full of spunk. She's got attitude written all over her face! I love her so much! My kind of Friday night! 


The weather was really rainy out all day so we didn't get out much! I did get to the grocery store alone which was a nice break. Kinley had a rough day! I think her molars are coming in and they are starting to bother her. Teething is so hard and watching your baby in pain is even harder. It breaks my heart. She did give us some smiles for the day while playing on the couch. This girl loves the couch. I did cave and let her watch one episode of Mickey. She doesn't seem too interested but she will watch it for a few minutes.

While she napped for a whole 30 minutes I cut veggies up for dinner and got a few other things ready. We had a yummy Dorito Taco Salad. This is so easy and gives the good old taco salad a new spin. Thanks Krystal for the recipe.

I know it doesn't look the like the most appealing salad to eat but add a little cool ranch Doritos and some homemade ranch dressing and this is one tasty salad. 

Matt had to go to part time so I was alone for the night. Kinley helped me put clean sheets on all the beds and she took a bath. She really has been uninterested in the bath lately so it was a fast one. I think she was over tired from not napping so it was an early night for her. We did lotion, pj's, nursed for a few minutes then rocked for a little. I love her snuggles right before bed. Then in her bed she went. She crawled over to the other side and laid right down. Poor girl must have been exhausted.

I enjoyed some much needed quiet time with a glass of wine while playing trivia crack! Have you played that game yet? It is fun but I am not so good at it. I am definitely learning a few things though LOL. I didn't stay up too late either. Quiet house with it raining outside was a perfect opportunity to get some sleep.


Kinley woke up a few times during the night but I never had to go in which was nice. She got up at 6:30 I nursed her and then Matt took her down stairs and I slept for another hour. That was wonderful! He got to sleep in yesterday so it was my turn :).

We had a great morning drinking coffee, making breakfast and pushing Kinley around in her doll stroller. She thought is was so hilarious. Then it was nap time. Nap time has been so rough around here for the past week or so, who am I kidding naps have always been rough around here. I made some yummy sangria to enjoy with Matt later. We only have been getting one night together due to him working so much so why not add in a little extra fun! Yummmmm

Don't mind the huge mess in the background :)

We headed over to nanny and poppy's for some lunch and more play time. They went to grab Panera while we headed over. I love Panera and always have such a hard time deciding what to get. I decided on the you pick two with the Greek salad and the chicken and wild rice soup. There are so many yummy options! I especially love their green tea! And I forget to get one!

Matt and I relaxed and chatted away with his parents while they enjoyed play time with Kinley. They sure do love that little girl.

Then it was home for nap attempt #2 before we were going to have some play time at the Little gym. Little Gym had an open house for a music class they are going to start. I would love to get her involved in a class there but I can't get myself to pay their prices yet. I want to get her involved in something so if anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them!! She loves running around, of course mommy and daddy loves her running around,  and she loves interacting with other kids. She is quite a social butterfly for being home all day.

We came home, made dinner and did our nightly routine with Kinley. She had a hard time going down but nothing a few extra cuddles didn't fix.

These hallmark books are great! My mom recorded her voice and is reading Kinley a bedtime story. 

Time to enjoy a movie with the hubby and some sangria! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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