Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Bye Bye Bink - The Oily Way

If you follow me on Facebook or IG you know I have recently become obsessed with Young Living oils. I got my starter kit about 2 months ago and fell in love immediately.

The first night I set up the diffuser, Kinley fell asleep in 10 mins and she did not fight me or cry. I was shocked! I will be honest, I was not hooked yet but I was on my way. Matt was working that night, so I though maybe it was a fluke, but I sure as heck was not going to quit diffusing.

Second time the same thing. She did not fight me and was asleep in 10 mins. This has gone on since we got our starter kit 2 months ago. Now of course every night has not been perfect but this is leaps and bounds better from where we were 2 months ago. We also use a roller on her at night on her feet. She loves using her roller. We apply while we are reading stories and then right before we say her prayers. She helps me put the oils in the diffuser every night.

It has been a week since she gave her binks to the dentist. I was dreading it. About 6 months ago we tried the "binki fairy." It was a disaster! I am not joking, 3 days of HELL. She screamed at the top of her lungs and was up a million times a night. We were all miserable! No one was sleeping. After 3 days Matt and I decided to give her the bink back and we would try again at a later time. Fast forward 6 months, she had a dentist appointment and I told her she had to give her binks to the dentist because the babies needed them and they were messing her teeth. She was total agreeable, though she was with the binki fairy too so I wasn't sure how it would play out.

The first night wasn't great. She was up a few times a in the middle of the night but calmed down fairly easily. Each night progressively has gotten better. And now a week in, I haven't had her ask for her bink in a few days. I am so proud of her. I would 100% say our oily life has contributed to her being able to give up her binki without much fuss. I know this because we tried without and it was a mess! I am so thankful I decided to purchase my starter kit 2 months ago, best decision ever.

A few other ways I use my oils daily:

A drop of orange on my toothpaste morning and night to promote teeth whiteness

A drop or two of lemon in my water

Roll my roller along my neck and shoulder because I can not stop sleeping with my arm up, so I wake up with a kink every morning

Stress away on my wrists before I leave for work because I hate traffic

Peppermint and lemon in my desk diffuser at work so I stay awake

Gentle baby and lavender in the kids baths

Valor on my feet before bed

Stress away on my wrists and forearms before bed for the calming scent

If you are interested in joining me on this oily journey leave a comment or shoot me a message on FB or IG! I would love to teach you!

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